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  1. Heavy D.

    M35A3 wheel tubes

    Please forgive me if this has been discussed, but Is there an inner tube that can be used with the stock M35A3 wheel? From what I can tell, the CTIS set up of the rim makes it a bit different with the routing of the stem. I am just burnt out on battling my old leaky wheels and have been...
  2. Heavy D.

    M35A3 Radiator Fan

    Long story short, 10 years ago when i was young and dumb i took my A3 through deep water and blew my fan apart. I have long since replaced it however my fan clutch control valve has failed and i had jerry rigged the fan to have 0 air pressure making it run continuously. Today i added a 2 way...
  3. Heavy D.

    M35A3 very high OIL PRESSURE

    Noticed high oil pressure at approximately 65 PSI start up while idling on a 90 degree day, under load while driving the stock gauge pegs out. Today I hooked up a mechanical gauge and got about 55 PSI. during revs up to 2600 rpm it reached 100 PSI under no load. I haven't tested it while...
  4. Heavy D.

    Anybody have a parking spot?

    Hello everyone, I am in the Coast Guard currently assigned here in the NYC area. I am transferring to Kodiak Alaska for the next 3 years. I cannot bring my beloved M35A3 with me without paying a fortune. I don't know anyone that has any room for it. Is there anybody out there within 50 miles...
  5. Heavy D.

    M35A3 Oil in Anti freeze

    I just got finished putting a new radiator fan on the truck. I put everything back together and let her run for about 5 minutes, checking for leaks and what not. All was good. After shut down I popped the Coolant reservoir and saw oil. I dipped my finger in it and it seemed like A LOT of oil has...
  6. Heavy D.

    Quick Fist clamps

    I have been wanting to get a rifle mount in my A3 for a while and wasn't fond of the Milspec ones, because they seemed a bit cumbersome, and being metal wouldn't be too gentle on the wood stock of my m1 carbine. After much searching I came across this brand called "Quick Fist" they specialize...
  7. Heavy D.

    Vulcanizing tires

    Hi all, I bought 7 Michelin XZL 395/85/R20s from a vendor a few months ago. long story short I only got 2 tires mounted on the front of my A3 because 5 of the others have punctures in them! they are used surplus so I guess it is to be expected. I contacted the vendor and he said to have them...
  8. Heavy D.

    Deuce Parking Brake install question

    Hello everyone! over the last 2 days taking my time I took off my old shot parking brake shoes, and have installed the new set ordered from Eriks Military Surplus. Everything has gone relatively smoothly, and the new shoes are installed. The problem is the inner shoe. Even with the hand brake...
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