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  1. chrsbb19

    What a challenge. M816 salvage

    I've had a few inquiry's into some photos of my progress and I decided to make this post. I will update it as regularly as possible with images and how I found the best way for me to perform the task.
  2. chrsbb19

    Need loadout assistance from hawaii to Lemoore California

    Any Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  3. chrsbb19

    M809 series transfer case stuck in neutral

    Ok so i searched the forums for about an hour and i didnt see anything about the transfer case being stuck in neutral, so i need some advice. 1. How in the hail does it get stuck in neutral 2. i tried rolling the beast:driver: while attempting to move it into hi and low. no joy 3. lifted front...
  4. chrsbb19

    M60A3 turbo rebuild

    Need help finding a rebuild kit for a reasonable price, i have found one site with the kit but having trouble getting an account any help would be greatly apreciated.
  5. chrsbb19

    M816 transmition poppet valve mystory line

    WHAT IN THE TRUCK.. Does anybody know what attaches to this port on the poppet valve? Do you have a photo that i can reference? Can i event get it? 911 help!
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