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  1. exbrown

    No. 6 Fuel Oil or Bunker oil as fuel

    Does anyone have any experience using No. 6 fuel oil as fuel for a deuce? There is 6,000 gallons of No. 6 fuel oil near me for sale for $1/gallon. It would take a lot of other fuel to mix with it to get the viscosity correct, just wondering if it would be worth the effort?
  2. exbrown

    NC and Ga Member database and Map?

    If the members of North Carolina and Georgia would like for me to make a map for their use, please let me know. Edited to add the following information: About: The purpose of this thread will be to keep all North Carolina and Georgia members connected! Get to know people around you, go...
  3. exbrown

    Industrial centrifuge in upstate SC?

    I am considering the purchase of an industrial centrifuge to clean various used oils. Anyone interested in discussing a joint venture or LLP?
  4. exbrown

    South Carolina Member Database & Map

    Hey, This is not very original, but it seems to work for Florida, so I am stealing the idea for us. About: The purpose of this thread will be to keep all South Carolina members connected! Get to know people around you, go wheelin' with others, help wrenchin', whatever you need. Notes: I...
  5. exbrown

    RC Video Reconnaisance

    Anyone played with some of the quadcopters or tricopters on the market? I bought an AR Drone and have been having a blast flying it. It has a video camera and gives live feed back to you while flying. There are several others that are more sophisticated that I am looking at. Here is a link...
  6. exbrown

    Detroit 2-71

    Did the military ever use the Detroit 2-71 in any equipment?
  7. exbrown

    Anyone need something picked up at Eastover, SC?

    I will be going to Eastover, SC (near Fort Jackson) to pick up a M105A2 trailer when my EUC clears. Is there anyone that would need something else picked up?
  8. exbrown

    Pick up package at Fort Polk, La?

    I have a Thermopol Refrigerator that needs to be picked up. Anyone in the area that is going there? Thanks,
  9. exbrown

    Pick up at Cherry Point?

    Is there anyone that can pick up two towbars for me at Cherry Point? They are each in a crate.
  10. exbrown

    Pick up in Indianapolis, IN?

    I have a Wrecker Set No. 7 that is in Indianapolis, In. Is there anyone in the area that can pick it up for me? I would really appreciate it, and would pay for your time. Thanks,
  11. exbrown

    Pick up a pallet at Mechanicsburg, PA

    Is there anyone near Mechanicsburg, PA that could pick up a a tire demounter on a pallet for me? I would really appreciate it. Thanks,
  12. exbrown

    LVS Trailers by Oshkosh

    Anyone here have any of the LVS trailers that are used with the MK48 Front Power Units? MK14 - Flat bed MK15 - Recovery MK16 - Fifth-wheel MK17 - Material Handling Crane MK18 - Self Loader
  13. exbrown

    Walhalla, SC Cruise In

    There will be a Cruise In held in Walhalla, SC on Sunday, June 13th. This event is open to classic cars, motorcycles, tractors and military velicles. If youl live in the area and own a MV that you would like to show off, please consider attending this event. You may contact me for more...
  14. exbrown

    Help on pick up at Camp Lejeune, NC

    Anyone able to help with picking up a M105A1 trailer from Camp Lejeune, NC? Thanks,
  15. exbrown

    Pick up at Eglin

    Can anyone pick up a towbar from Eglin AFB for me this week? I know that this is very short notice, but I was scheduled to pick it up last week and my wife got sick. This week I have a problem getting off work. I don't mine compensating for your time. Thanks,
  16. exbrown

    Redstone pickup

    Is there anyone that can pick up a M109A3 from Redstone and hold it for a few days? Thanks,
  17. exbrown

    GL auctions ending Nov. 5th 2009

    I lost out on a Wrecker set today at Fort Jackson. I was hoping to get it to help with recoveries. I am still looking for a towbar and slave cable. Hope the winner enjoys it.
  18. exbrown

    2 MKT-90s to pick up at Fort Drum, NY

    I have 2 MKt-90s that I need to pick up at Fort Drum in NY. Is there anyone that can pick these up and hold them until I can get up there. I live in SC and would appreciate it if I could make a trip up there without having to take off several days from work. Thanks, Jay
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