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  1. MVtrucker

    small parts FS

    M35A2: Brake shoe spring: $0.75 ea. Instrument panel lens: 1- NOS High Beam, 2- covers, two signal light control $3.00 all 5. Door Window Clip: $0.50 ea. Instrument Panel special nut: $0.50 ea. I'd appreciate a couple of dollars for USPS on orders. Make a multiple order because I can send...
  2. MVtrucker

    Calling Joe from NJ

    Joe, from NJ sent me a PM and I typed a lengthly response, but went I went to send it AOL had signed me off, so I lost it and Joe's screen name. So, Joe, if you read this send me e-mail:
  3. MVtrucker

    M1008 starting problem

    My CUCV pickup started and ran fine the other day, but after it sat for about half a day, the Wait and Water in Fuel lights did not come on and it didn't want to start. I applied 12 volts to a lug on the glow plug solenoid (on firewall) to activate it and the motor started fine. I tried several...
  4. MVtrucker

    M1008 starter problems

    If this was a civilan truck, I'd know where to start looking. I don't know much about the electrics in a CUCV. My M1008 is sitting by my garage, broke again. I got in it yesterday and without thinking (I drive a Chevy Blazer a lot), I hit the starter before the wait light went out. I quickly...
  5. MVtrucker

    M1008 exhaust system

    The right side header pipe on my 1884 rusted and blew out. Local shops are unable to help me, nor was Parramore. Before I trek over to the GMC dealer, I thought it best to consult here first. Thanks for any help offred,
  6. MVtrucker

    M1008 Cargo Cover Bow inst. TM?

    I'm finally getting around to installing the cargo cover bows on my truck. What is the TM that shows installation instructions? I have all of the hardware and I just laid the bows and angles (the pieces with the curtain twists) on the bed, but I haven't drilled yet. Hopefully, there's a TM that...
  7. MVtrucker

    M35A3 cab heater and mount info site

    Here's a site that I created in order to help installers. The main thing is the mounting plate specifications. There are other types, but this one always worked good for me and it's easy to fabricate out of 1/8" sheet I've used some that are simply...
  8. MVtrucker

    Optima batteries

    I have had enough with 6TL batteries and want to start converting my trucks to Optima. One of my customers purchased Red Tops and 6TL battery box adapters from BatteryMart, and sent me a e-mail explaining exactly what he got from them.When I contacted them, they said that they do not offer...
  9. MVtrucker

    How come?

    I'm being welcomed as a New Member, but I'm not! I usually don't have to log on, but this evening was different. When I tried, my User Name and PW were rejected and the only way I could sign on was to reregister and use a different E-mail address.
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