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  1. Squirt-Truck

    About tired of my MEP002A

    Guys, before i just set this think on fire, thought I would seek some sage advice. A few weeks ago the IP just died, broke dead. Found parts some new some not (many thanks Gimp), got the little animal back together, bled injectors, and she runs. Runs really good, no skip, no smoke, makes good...
  2. Squirt-Truck

    MEP 002 Injection Pump part needed

    MEP 002 Injection Pump Part REVISED My MEP002 has sulked and refused to run at this months maintenance interval. Inspection indicated that no fuel to the injectors, plenty of fuel and pressure entering the IP, no fuel out. On further inspection the delivery valve spacer (item 6 on the...
  3. Squirt-Truck

    Part Number or NSN for Starter Relay

    Guys, Does anyone have a spare one available, or the part number or NSN for the "Starter Relay" that is unique to the M39 series with LDS-465-1A engine? This is NOT like the control box on the 800 series, this is just a relay box. I fine the instruction for removal and replacement in the TM...
  4. Squirt-Truck

    Cab Top

    Guys, does anyone have a source for an M-37 Canvas Cab Top in the older dark dark green? All the new tops I have seen are the light green and that just ain't right. Thanks
  5. Squirt-Truck

    NW Georgia Convoy to SSGR13

    Time to see what we can put together for the ride to SSGR13 from North West Georgia. Heading down I-75 into Atlanta, connecting with I-20 headed east to DT. Plan to Depart muster point in Marietta at 06:30, Wednesday 09 September 2013, have a breakfast stop at exit 90 on I-20E (Waffle House...
  6. Squirt-Truck

    Spell Check

    Am I just being dense, (easy on the commnets {like the previous word}), I do not seem to be able to get the spell check to operate. I cannot spell worth a flip so it is a big deal to me. Or is this just something that will take time to address?
  7. Squirt-Truck

    Web site style.

    Guys, the new site looks good. BUt I am having some color readability issues. Is there any way to change the style or colors? Many thanks. Mark aka Squirt-Truck
  8. Squirt-Truck

    M35 (Not A1 or A2)

    Guys, A good friend of mine is looking to sell his deuce. It is an M35 w/w, the truck is complete, stored under cover, and has not been altered or abused. He has had it for roughly 30 years and is wanting to formally retire. Any thoughts on what value he could be looking for, or are the...
  9. Squirt-Truck

    LDT's in the cans

    Guys, (& Gals), I have come across a possible opportunity to purchase some LDT-1D engines. They are late 80's to early 90's overhauls, complete with starter, compressor and alternator. Indications are that I can get possibly 10 engines. At this time I do not have any clue what the current...
  10. Squirt-Truck

    Air Compressor Pulley(s)

    Ok, this is getting irritating... Looking for information on the split air compressor pulley. 1. How many different sizes are there? 2. Is the belt center line different on the different pulleys? 3. How many different pulley thicknesses are there? 4. how many different clamp configurations are...
  11. Squirt-Truck

    No idle, but runs at 1400+??

    Well guys, I have had a friend come to me with a problem that is way beyond anything I have encountered. Search has not afforded any answers and the TM's have not even addressed the problem (symptoms). He has an M39, something...he has just installed a remanufactured (AMBLAC?) injection pump...
  12. Squirt-Truck

    Nozzle Holder Torque

    Duh question, Does anyone have the PROPER torque value for the injector holder fasteners?? I have the manual and it says 150 to 170 ft/lb. (Paragraph 5-34) No way on those fasteners... Thanks
  13. Squirt-Truck

    Injector Lines

    So the IP has got to come off and go to the shop..... it leaks everywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting the injector lines loose at the IP head? So far I have destroyed two wrenches (yes appropriate line wrenches) and have only two of the line nuts off. They are currently soaking...
  14. Squirt-Truck

    Georgia MVPA Show 2011

    The Georgia MVPA show, meet, etc. is officially scheduled for 30 September and 01 October at Kennesaw, Georgia, Just across the street from the museum with the General. {Mods, if I missed this years event already being posted please delete this duplication}
  15. Squirt-Truck

    Tow Bar Connection to M37

    Guys, There have been several threads about towing an M37 using the std. towbar. My question is regarding the connection of the 3/4" adapters to the shackle points on the M37. The adapter is 1/2" wider than the shackle point. Have ya'll just been letting the adapter move around or do you...
  16. Squirt-Truck

    Fuel Filler Cap Gasket

    Guys, does anyone have or have a recommendation of where to secure a replacement gasket for the deuce filler cap? I can locate caps but not replacement gaskets.
  17. Squirt-Truck

    Thoughts on Paint For a Barn Jeep

    Guys (and gals), My good friend has gotten around to returning his "barn find" M-38 jeep to working order. This jeep is all original, it came from Dobbins AFB in Marietta, Ga. Still has the hood numbers, and contract status on the doors. It is NOT marked USAF. It has the original metal top...
  18. Squirt-Truck

    Water Pump Pulley

    Guys (gals), I am in need of a water pump pulley for an LDT/LDS engine. Not the pump, just the pulley. We are in the middle of a test project and need a replacement pulley. Who may have one or where may I secure one. As always the help is appreciated. Mark
  19. Squirt-Truck

    5-Ton at Work...Well Sorta

    Well, had a request for load work for Squirt-Truck. Needed heavy duty hauling, not exactly low profile, and darned if the 24087 failed to blend with the other haulers at the muster point. Sorry for the poor picture quality, the FOX does not really have a good photo point unless you have a press...
  20. Squirt-Truck

    System Test

    New system test
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