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  1. scrapdaddy

    Modifying a M101A3 axle to electric brakes

    Hello fellas, I'm going to attempt to document what I went through to convert a M101A3 to electric brakes, but first some backround. I started with a M101A2 body on a A3 axle and wanted to tow it behind my FJ55 Landcruiser that had a narrower axle than the A3 and I wanted to tuck the tires...
  2. scrapdaddy

    Electric Brake Conversion Question

    Hello Everyone, I converted a M101A3 axle over to electric, but having a problem with the magnet holding to the surface of the military hub. I used the military hub and drum with the electric backing plate with shoes, etc. I can't find a new drum and hub combo that will fit over the military...
  3. scrapdaddy

    Tarp for generator trailer

    Question for you guys, I have a AN/MJQ-18 trailer, it's a twin MEP-003 trailer and was looking for a new tarp for it. NSN number is 6115-01-206-1271. Does anyone know where to look for one? Mine is falling apart. Thanks for any leads
  4. scrapdaddy

    59 chevy 2 ton cab on my deuce

    Let me first just say how much my search skills suck eggs! I've been looking for several days and can only come up with one guy who talked about putting an old cab on a deuce. I've seen a lot of monster truck type stuff, but nothing down to earth, everyday farm truck. I'm wanting to put my 59...
  5. scrapdaddy

    My M37

    Now that I learned how to post pictures, here are a few of my 51. I bought it from a man, who bought it @ 2000 and had Charles Talbert, Mseries rebuilders, go through and rebuild everything on the truck. From the winch to the rear dif. It was repainted in 1996, so it has a little " patina "...
  6. scrapdaddy

    picture test

    Here is a test shot of my M37 and M101
  7. scrapdaddy

    mep-003 circuit breakers

    I'm looking for one of the 15 amp circuit breakers that control the convenience plugs. Before I order from Delk's, I thought maybe I could buy local. Any ideas if they are obtainable from someplace like Grainger's
  8. scrapdaddy

    No fuel coming out IP on mep-003

    Well, I've read all the posts going back two years and TM's. I finally have fuel to the IP and return line to tank. I pulled the IP and checked some of it, meaning I removed the button and turned and pushed everything seems to be working, I guess. I did remove the delivery valve and spring...
  9. scrapdaddy

    manualing turning stuck mep-003 engine

    I've got a stuck engine on a 003 and have reading the threads on hand turning it. Is there some other way to turn over other than the bolt on the end of the blower. I tried that today and didn't like cranking down on that small of a bolt. I don't want to add to my trouble. I'm going to pull the...
  10. scrapdaddy

    Wire Crimpers

    I'm Posting here because that's were I was reading about the Daniels Machine AF-8 crimpers. I looked at them on E-Bay and found all kinds of AF-8 crimpers, yet all different. Anybody know exactly which AF-8 to get. I'm not sure what the other numbers mean, but there are alot of them. Thanks
  11. scrapdaddy

    loadout at redstone

    Does anybody know if Gl is helping load trailers at this time. I'm picking two, but need one lifted onto my flatbed. I've used a roll back before, just trying to make plans. Thanks
  12. scrapdaddy

    mep-003 volt meter

    For you generator guys, I've got two mep-003 gen. and both AC volt meters are fogged. Condensation has formed inside the meters. I removed one meter and took it apart. What is the screw for in meter's face. I'm guessing to set the needle to zero? I think the water must be getting in there. I...
  13. scrapdaddy

    Geared Lug Wrench

    I just got my lug wrench that were being sold on site, but mine didn't come with the handles. Anyone have the measurements of the handles, Length and Dia. maybe I can find some material that will work. Thanks
  14. scrapdaddy

    Mep 003 trailer tongue

    I won a AN/MJQ - 18 gen set yesterday and have a couple questions. The lunette height is it the same as a 105A1 trailer. 34 inches? Also I know everybody likes the green sets better, because the tan ones might have been in combat zones, yea mine are tan so could you guys let me know what extra...
  15. scrapdaddy

    Generator trailers

    Question on the Generator trailers, I did some searching but didn't come up with anything. I want to learn about them. Are there different sizes. What would be a good set for running a house in a power failure, I'm sure this has been talked about before, any good links or search suggestions...
  16. scrapdaddy

    Usmc m817

    I need to ask you 5 ton guys about the USMC M817 is it the only dump that came with lockers and winch. How common are they. Could you put the different pto and hydro. lift on a 818 to make a dump. How common are those parts. I hope this was somewhat clear as to what I would like to do. 818 or...
  17. scrapdaddy

    Need new air hose for 105

    Hi everyone, I cut one of my air hoses to the 105 and need the ferrules? to make a new hose anybody know where to buy these. Do I need that kind of setup or can I just use hose clamps instead of the compression fitting. Thanks in advance, Ron
  18. scrapdaddy

    Bed to ground measurement

    Hi everyone, I'm picking up two 105 trailers and would like to know the measurement between the bed floor and ground, with the trailer sitting fairly level. I need to load one on my flatbed one ton and tow the other behind. If I know the height, I can make up some cribbing to bind it down...
  19. scrapdaddy

    I'm doing something wrong!

    I'm trying to figure out what's wrong . I posted for the first time and got eight replys, only I can't read them. The only post that comes up is mine. Would someone send me another post to see if comes in. Thanks Scrapdaddy
  20. scrapdaddy

    New member with a new Deuce

    Hello to everyone, I'm a new guy who just won the bid on a duece from Muskegon, Mi. I'm very excited about bringing it home. I already have a 1951 M37, so I thought a duece would fit in good on the farm, yes It's going to earn It's keep. I have a couple of questions about what I need to drive it...
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