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  1. Sirblissfull

    Can you ID this gear?

    Looking for confirmation on the head sets and its uses. Picked up the 2329a gra - 39 as a gift for the wife.
  2. Sirblissfull

    Ft Polk

    I have a small lot that needs to be picked up next week from FT Polk. Just a oven so it can even fit in the back of an SUV. Not a big emergency or anything just curious if someone can pick it up and bring it to the rally in a couple weeks.
  3. Sirblissfull

    Newest addition M54A2

    I am so conflicted. Look at this " Parts truck " I bought. Just had it delivered this morning and have not even had a chance to look under the hood.
  4. Sirblissfull

    M54 Aztec NM to Houston TX

    I need a M54A2 hauled to Houston Texas from Aztec NM vehicle has a cargo bed and no hard top so you can fold down the windshield assembly and use a normal flatbed. I show the distance at about 1100 miles.
  5. Sirblissfull

    M820 RV build / M4 Van body Build

    This is going to be the thread for the deconstruction and rebuild of my M820A2. The M820A2 is a variant of the M809 series 5 ton cargo truck often used for hauling calibration equipment and as a work area when in the field. Common uses also included a temporary holding area for detainees and...
  6. Sirblissfull

    Pagosa Springs Co to Houston Tx.

    Ok the end of July I am going to be driving my M820A2 to Houston TX from Pagosa Springs Colorado. I will be passing through Cuba NM, to drop off some stuff for a friend of mine on August 1st then wandering my way down to Houston. There are a couple variations of the route I can take, due to...
  7. Sirblissfull

    Fabricators in the south west for 5 tons?

    I am looking for fabricators in the south west that can handle the dismantling and reconfiguration of a M4 van body on a M820A2. I also need some other modifications done that will be simple in comparison. I had a couple people lined up that looked at the size of the vehicle and changed their...
  8. Sirblissfull

    m820A2 empty from Slidell La to ABQ NM

    Route I am taking. Slidell, LA to Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ), Albuquerque, NM 87106 - Google Maps Driving the M820A2 I bought from GE back to New Mexico starting around the 15th of December to give me plenty of time before Christmas to have it and myself back. Anyone along that...
  9. Sirblissfull

    Empty M820 from Liousianna to New Mexico

    Empty 17 foot van body from Slidell Louisiana to ABQ New Mexico. Mid December Anyone need something moved?
  10. Sirblissfull

    M820 From Redstone AL to New Mexico.

    I have checked with several transport companies and none of them have a trailer able to carry this vehicle due to the height 11.5 and length 30.5. Anyone out there able to haul this load or had one hauled that can recommend a shipper? Would like to have something lined up before the end of...
  11. Sirblissfull

    Empty F150 from Tulsa to Redstone to Dothan.

    If anyone needs anything picked up from Tulsa Ok down interstate 40 to Memphis then down 72 into Huntsville then down the 65 heading to Montgomery onto 53/231 into Dothan let me know. Cell is 970 903 2651. Return route is going to be with a hard top in back via New Orleans Baton Rouge into...
  12. Sirblissfull

    Anyone heading to Redstone?

    Need a inspection of lot number 3902 71 Jeep M820 I am looking for specifics on parts that obviously need replacement already planning on new tires. It does not run according to them, however since its my first EUC I figure I may as well start picking up the parts I am going to need to get it...
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