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  1. crazyplowboy

    Vietnamese translation?

  2. crazyplowboy

    Ohio Military Show & Swap Meet June 17-19, 2011

    Heading out bright and early Saturday morning with an m35a2 and m35a3, I haven't made it in a few years so I plan on making a weekend out of it.
  3. crazyplowboy

    Have you named you truck?

    I wanted to name mine after someone big and manly, and the first person that popped into my head the first time I saw it was John Wayne so it's named Duke.
  4. crazyplowboy

    NikeAjaxHercules Missile Systems

    Here's a few pictures of my XM261 Booster Transporter trailer when I found it a few years ago. It has been cleaned off, but I now have the bed of my deuce setting on it until I am done with my restoration.
  5. crazyplowboy

    First post, N.E. ohio

    Welcome fellow Ohioan
  6. crazyplowboy

    multifuel conversion

    Not to mention the over all size of them.
  7. crazyplowboy

    Satellite photos of your (or other) MV's

    The picture of my place is before 2008 so no MVs on the property. However after looking at random places I frequent I realized that the car I drove at the time was in 4 places at one time according to the pictures. I found a pic of it at work, my best friends house, my girl friends house, and...
  8. crazyplowboy

    Yet Another Ohio Newbie

    Welcome from NE Ohio!
  9. crazyplowboy

    Hey to the Deuce world, can someone check my understanding of North Carolina?

    yes I am serious as to taking the bed off of my '07 Classic Chevy and putting the bed of my Deuce on it for S%!ts and giggles, but it will be a few weeks as I have said it is prime hay making season right now
  10. crazyplowboy

    Hey to the Deuce world, can someone check my understanding of North Carolina?

    I'm getting ready to take the bed off my deuce for a paint job. I'll let you know how a Chevy looks with a Deuce bed shortly. Pics will follow, in a while. ( possibly in a long while as it is hay baling season in NE Ohio, and we finally have good weather)
  11. crazyplowboy

    Hey to the Deuce world, can someone check my understanding of North Carolina?

    06 Chevy bed? I seem to have a pickup that resembles the rear of your deuce and a deuce that resembles the front of yours, but I would never think of putting the two together.
  12. crazyplowboy

    Deuce Articulation

    Here's a little articulation for ya
  13. crazyplowboy

    Reassembly without marring paint?

    Chris beat me to it, I sand blast the fasteners, prime them with 2 coats. Let the primer set up and harden for a couple of days, then I shoot a coat of paint or two if needed and let them set a day. Assemble and put a finish coat over everything and you should be good to go
  14. crazyplowboy

    M35A3 Wiring questions

    The solar panel is most likely a Solargizer which uses sunlight to desulphate and keep the batteries charged. If you do a search of the site for solargizers you will find more infor mation. As for your other questions I can't help you out as I have no real knowledge of the A3
  15. crazyplowboy

    M35A2 Dump on Craigslist

    If one of you gets it and doesn't like the low headlights I will gladly do a trade of my high position light sets for the low ones. Those sure would be perfect for someone's 1953 Air Force resto project. ;-)
  16. crazyplowboy

    Sunday drive with pics

  17. crazyplowboy

    Can you find the MV in this photo?

    Is that Strata Blue I see peaking out of there? If it is and the truck still has any original markings left under all of that greenery please take pictures of the markings and post them up or send me a PM if possible with the pics. I have been searching for months to try to find some pictures of...
  18. crazyplowboy

    m 211 weight?

    I would guess about 11,000 #, but as I said that is strictly a guess
  19. crazyplowboy

    m105 info needed please.

    They do not need air to release the brakes. The brakes on an M105 are actuated by air pressure, as they are air over hydraulic, the only action of the air is to transfer your braking of the towing vehicle to the trailer. Therefore unlike a semi or full air brake set up the brakes are released if...
  20. crazyplowboy

    Mid Ohio Military Vehicle Show July 23rd & 24th 2010

    I'll be there, I don't know what it is about the Ohio MV shows that always brings out the rain. Last year it rained at the Findlay show as well as the mid Ohio show. Hopefully this year it will be a little dryer, if not it'll still be a good time.
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