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  1. Merc1973

    Big Mikes External Brake Fluid Reservoir?

    I bought the Big Mikes Motorpool kit some years ago and never installed it. Came to find a lot travel in the brake pedal yesterday, reservoir was just about empty, but i still had brakes. My yard waste run to the dump was cancelled. No wetness on rear wheels, but fronts are wet, mostly from torn...
  2. Merc1973

    Front Dust Boots

    My old zipper boots, which were probably installed in 1989 when the truck was updated, are shot. Been cracked since i got the truck in 2013. Never submerged axles in water or driven in snow to avoid potential rust. I read the StepXstep front end service thread. At this point should i expect to...
  3. Merc1973

    M35A2 Cargo, Dirt, Top Soil capacities?

    How many cu. yards of dirt (topsoil) can we safely transport in our Deuces? I need to work on the yard and get grass seed down this fall. Thanks.
  4. Merc1973

    1947 Ward Le France M1 Heavy Wrecker

    1947 Ward Le France M1 or M1A1 Heavy Wrecker This big boy needs a home. Never seen one of these. It's on craigslist for sale in Pittsburgh. (not my listing, just came across it late night) Looks pretty good for being 70 years old, aside from the plywood floorboards.
  5. Merc1973

    Composite decking for troop seats?

    Has anyone used any composite decking for troop seats? Some companies make green as well. The cost for new fiberglass troop seats (boards only) is about $300+ shipped from stephan wood products. The headboard on my Deuce is already fiberglass the but seats are rotting.
  6. Merc1973

    Nylon Radiator Fan?

    Has anyone "upgraded" to a nylon fan? There are some on FleaBay for sale for $125. I wouldn't mind using it alone or along with the thermal fan clutch mod this summer.
  7. Merc1973

    Photo upload issues?

    Edit: Never mind, i just noticed other threads below, sorry. Feel free to delete this. :???: Mods, I am having trouble uploading photos either with URL (states picture is too large) and from my computer (results in nothing). It has worked in the past, but today and yesterday I am...
  8. Merc1973

    Jacques Littlefield's Tank collection

    Sorry if its been posted before. :razz:
  9. Merc1973

    Merc1973's First Deuce Build Thread

    I suppose this is where i post all the stuff I do to my truck. First of all, this is going to be my first MV, and it seems i was bitten by the Green Iron Bug. Other people really just don't understand it, except you guys... It is also similar to BRD (Black rifle disease) in which i am...
  10. Merc1973

    Trip to Coleman's Surplus in Millersburg, PA. Nov. 23, 2013

    I will be going to Coleman's on November 23, 2013 (8-12) to checkout/drive and maybe purchase a 1970 M35A2 W/OW for sale. I have yet to drive one or start one so hopefully it's worth the trip to buy my first Deuce... Anyone want to go?
  11. Merc1973

    Storage location needed (Baltimore or Hagerstown, MD)

    I am in need of a storage location for my Deuce-to-be. Does anyone know of a cheap location in the either the Baltimore or Hagerstown area? The cheapest I have found is $110/month. I currently live in Ellicott City, MD and i don't think it will fit in my condo parking space :lol:. My in-laws...
  12. Merc1973

    Rust repair opinion?

    I am still in search of my first deuce, specifically one that does not need much, or any, body repair. There is a '67 M35A2 for sale (non-turbo, W/W) for $4500. What do you think of this door sill rust?
  13. Merc1973

    Looking for my First M35A2

    You guys have a great forum! I'm looking for my first M35A2 to share with my Father in law. I do not have experience with them but I have a nagging feeling that I Must Get One! 8) I have prior mechanical experience with modern vehicles and older Benz Diesels even though I'm A Chiropractor...
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