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  1. Troll1216

    Fort gordon ga pickup needed

    I have a shelter dolly, 1994 Turtle MFG Co. M832 Dolly transportable shelter lift set, 3,700 LBS, that I need picked up. My EUC is not ready yet, But I am trying to line up transport to South Florida. PM me if you can grab it for me and hang on to it.
  2. Troll1216

    GL Auction 03-01-12

    Just won!!!:-D My first auction... 1994 Turtle MFG Co. M832 Dolly transportable shelter lift set. S/N 94L245-034. Buyer load :mrgreen: I'm so exicted........... I hope it works for my S-280[thumbzup] I will need pickup assistance in Ft. Gordon, anyone?
  3. Troll1216

    Remote M/C + Power Bleeder

    With inspiration from Recovry4x4 I decided I needed both an larger reserve or DOT5 and a power bleeder, so I made one. Just remember keep pressure to a minimum, I use a filler with a gauge on it. Picture 1 shows the unit. I mounted it on the rear of the cab behind the passenger seat to keep the...
  4. Troll1216

    Parts pickup in Las Vegas

    I am about to pull the trigger on winch parts that are in Las Vegas - I live in Florida, so any help to bring it east would be great. It does not have to be all the way to Florida I might be able to make arangements when it gets further east, Raligh-Durham, NC or Pigeon Forge area TN. PM or...
  5. Troll1216

    S-280 Shelter to camper Rebuild

    Well gents (and ladies) I have begun my S-280 shelter to camper conversion. I picked up the shelter from Fellow SS member Traumadoc. The pickup went uneventful [thumbzup] and I met him between Sebring and Avon Park. The transfer was easy as my friends at Eastern Towing did me a favor and...
  6. Troll1216

    Welding Safety

    As I am VERY new to welding I have been reading quite a bit. I found an article from and I believe a safety article that is a MUST READ!!! Phosgene Gas is extremely LETHAL and the common practice of cleaning/prepping surfaces can get you dead quick.
  7. Troll1216

    Intercom Kit

    I found a 24v military intercom kit at: Army Radio Sales Co. I was wondering if anyone has one installed. I would like to adapt the radio inputs to accept a HAM radio and a CB radio. To do this I will need the breakdown of the inputs and their uses/voltages. I would like to use the PTT on...
  8. Troll1216

    Looking for a Deuce in So. Florida

    First post........ I have been a long time reader. I first became "fast friends" with the duce as a law enforcement officer as my department has several for flooding/hurricane duty. I am a certified driver (big whoop). I had A LOT of fun driving that big beast through the sand pits and through...
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