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  1. Chevyman_15237

    Deuce spotted; Pittsburgh, PA

    I saw a deuce yesterday morning (8:10) going north on Rt 51 at intersection of Bausman Street. Very clean truck, yellow nose. Who's is it????
  2. Chevyman_15237

    Engine Parts supplier and Oil Cooler Part Numbers

    As my oil cooler started to leak coolant, I was in need to find the correct gaskets and packing o-rings. After consuting with a local heavy diesel shop that knows their stuff, they cross-referenced our LDT-465 engine to a Hercules D4800T (T for turbo). At $2.90 for each gasket (oil cooler to...
  3. Chevyman_15237

    Spring ahead and fix 'er up!

    So I had the deuce out and it started leaking coolant from the bottom of the oil cooler. Right now its just dripping, but leaking enough to cause concern. I've been looking at all of the surplus parts website, I cannot find the packing 0-rings. From my searches, TNJ Murray sells the two...
  4. Chevyman_15237

    Air horn solenoid question

    I purchased a new air horn solenoid from Eriks... went to install and when I try to tighten up the solenoid I can't get the air supply to line up. I tried threading the solenoid from different positions, still can't get it to be tight AND lined up with my air line. I also can't get the 90 degree...
  5. Chevyman_15237

    Kingpin bushing bolt issue

    I had to replace a CV boot because it was slinging grease everywhere. Had it tore apart, cleaned it up and installed my new zipper boot. As I was finishing the install, I finger tightened the bolts into the kingpin bushings (passenger side boot guards). I put the 7/8" socket on the bolts, and...
  6. Chevyman_15237

    Lockbourne, OH facility

    Anyone had a pickup at the Lockbourne, OH facility. I just won 3 deuce radiators; curious on what the operation is like there. This is my first pickup there.....
  7. Chevyman_15237

    Radiator Dimensions

    I am looking to get a price on getting my deuce radiator re-cored, but I don't have my deuce here to get some dimensions off of it. Does anyone have the dimensions/specs of our radiator handy? Height Width Thickness Thanks a bunch! Brian
  8. Chevyman_15237

    Radiator Leak

    I just finished repacking the rear wheel bearings and replacing wheel seals in my deuce when I noticed the bottom right corner (If you are facing the truck) of the radiator is wet. Checked the coolant level, I was a gallon low. Does anyone have a recommendation on what to do? Spending +$700 for...
  9. Chevyman_15237

    rear axle nut question

    It was that time of the year to repack bearings and change a few leaky wheel seals. We completed all of that, our next step was to tighten the axle nut to set the wheel bearings into the races. The TM says to "tighten the nut until the wheel binds, then back off 1/8th of a turn". I had the nut...
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