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  1. Retiredwarhorses

    Big problems - my shaking was a broken crankshaft!

    the fix he used is one many have used...loctite makes some excellent epoxies for just such an occasion an old 6.2 is not worth much in respects for what you can get a good running takeout for. motors are an easy drop in fix, even for the shade tree mechanic.
  2. Retiredwarhorses

    Big problems - my shaking was a broken crankshaft!

    The HB is some what press fit, it’s not a matter of if it will fail, but when. its not for alignment for any sort of timing, other than its location for reference. its does serve as a form of anti-rotation, but the woodruff key is made to shear. it could last forever or till something creates...
  3. Retiredwarhorses

    M998 6.2l plugged valley drain

    There is no drain for the 6.2, that came about on the later 6.5 with turbo embossment. 6.2 is low enough In the rear valley to just drain down the back of the motor. what I have noticed is the 6.5’s that have been rebuilt by Melton have had the drain tube removed and the hole plugged. only non...
  4. Retiredwarhorses

    12K half shafts, all the same?

    Let me correct myself, A2’s are listed as 12.1k, but the only fit 10.3GVW trucks...large flange 12in vented rotors.
  5. Retiredwarhorses

    12K half shafts, all the same?

    None that I see, it’s its just that the part number lists them as 10.3k....I’ve used small flange On large flange with an adapter ring I’ve had made and sold for years....I’m currently out of stock.
  6. Retiredwarhorses

    12K half shafts, all the same?

    7 and 10k are interchangable, 10.3k are for all A2’s, many confuse these with 12k... than there is true 12k for solid rotor ECV trucks and 12.3k are REV for wilwood brakes. The flange size will dictate what you can mount...ECV and Wilwood use small flange. All others use large flange,
  7. Retiredwarhorses

    A2 M1123 - Troubleshooting Stop Lamp Switch

    Many of the switches are out of adjustment, the early switch just controls brake lights, the A2 lights and torque converter unlock. I’ve had Adjust almost half the trucks I’ve receive as TC won’t unlock. its a PITA to get spot on sometimes.
  8. Retiredwarhorses

    Big problems - my shaking was a broken crankshaft!

    predator? Hmmm, ok...hopefully it all works out
  9. Retiredwarhorses

    Big problems - my shaking was a broken crankshaft!

    its called a woodruff key, I’ve seen these repair done before, the guy built the area Up around the key way with a mig welder, than ground it down and cleaned it up.
  10. Retiredwarhorses

    Big problems - my shaking was a broken crankshaft!

    I know a guy in Florida who can probably do it...may even have motors. where are you at?
  11. Retiredwarhorses

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    So how do you plan on making the DS4 injection pump Work? Needs an ECM to run as well as PMD. just me personally, I would never want a DS4 pump over a DB2 for any reason. Is your plan to make a H1 takeout work? If so, You may find it a lesson in futility and no cost benefit. Why not just get a...
  12. Retiredwarhorses

    Big problems - my shaking was a broken crankshaft!

    This is not entirely uncommon, it’s caused by a failing harmonic balancer Most of the time. plenty of takeout 6.2 and 6.5‘s on the market, easy swap
  13. Retiredwarhorses

    Stuck plug on old control box.

    The connectors on the box is very crappy aluminum and strips out super easy. if the threads get buggered up at all on the initial install, it will only get worse. The plug is steel, the box connector is aluminum, so they weld themselves together via corrosion,
  14. Retiredwarhorses

    Slant Back Roof Leaks

    Nkt Let me get this straight, you post Your turret never leaks, but add it only leaks after a heavy rain. The point I’m trying to make and have for 25yrs is, they all leak! mine Don’t leak! But I park them in my shop When it rains....makes about as much sense.
  15. Retiredwarhorses

    Slant Back Roof Leaks

    no, you stated nothing leaks...I’ve owned more Slantbacks than most Army units. I’m pretty well versed in them, as I build them from parts monthy.
  16. Retiredwarhorses

    Slant Back Roof Leaks

    “It’s does not leak any, but leaks after a hard rain“....LOL
  17. Retiredwarhorses

    Slant Back Roof Leaks

    just my .25 cents, but your going to be highly disappointed in the slantbacks abilities to stay dry inside regardless of or what you do, it’s really going to vary on degrees of how wet it will based on how much time and money you spend.
  18. Retiredwarhorses

    Open Channel(s)?

    The wood decking is secured via self tap water screws, for the rear piece of wood “OEM” it takes 6 screws. The front wood for a 4 man is a bit longer than what is in a 2 man truck.
  19. Retiredwarhorses

    RPM engages clutch fan?

    it’s on the rear of the engine on A2 4 speed trucks, it’s on the left side of the injector pump for turbo trucks. uses a cam on the throttle linkage
  20. Retiredwarhorses

    6.2 or 6.5 - What's really better?

    I have 6.2’s that beat the pants off of many 6.5 GEP’s. If it’s detuned, the 6.5 of any mfg makes it mimic the 6.2, thats why they labeled it “detuned”. If you want a super smooth motor, install a late Maximizer GEP 6.5 with larger IJ pump and injectors, you will need to do some throttle shaft...
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