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  1. m16ty

    Isuzu engine swap

    A couple of months ago a guy gave me a old Isuzu box truck that had been sitting awhile (said the brakes went out is why it was parked). My original plans was to use the box for storage and scrap the rest. Fast forward to today. I’m out at the shed looking at my M715. About 3 years ago it wasn’t...
  2. m16ty

    M1000 Trailer

    Well, I’m now the proud owner of a M1000 trailer. Now I’ve just got to figure out how to get it home.
  3. m16ty

    Big rear winches

    I'm looking to add a rear winch to my military Mack RD822sx. I've got a M936 45k drag winch already mounted on one of our civilian KWs and it's not very handy. It's just too slow, especially paying off cable. I'm wondering if one of the winches off of say a HET works better? I've never used...
  4. m16ty

    Deuce moves 240,000 lb load

    I don't know what the record is but I may be in the running for the biggest load moved with a M35a2. we needed to move a 240,000 lb autoclave out of a building, on the second floor. I needed a winch truck so I put the deuce to earning it's keep. when these pics were taken, we had moved it...
  5. m16ty

    In-tank pump problems

    I've got a strange issue that I can't seem to nail down. Truck will run fine for 5 minutes or so and then die. You can open the bleeder on top of the filters and get nothing but air bubbles. You have to leave the bleeder open for about a minute and then you'll finally clean fuel, it will start...
  6. m16ty

    M149 rear faucet

    Anybody know where you can find a replacement rear faucet or rebuild kit for a M149a2? The other day when I was using mine and went to turn it off, the stem screwed completely out so something in there must have broke. I use it to water livestock and hook a hose up to the rear faucet. Now the...
  7. m16ty

    Anybody near Yermo, CA?

    I'm looking at something near Yermo, CA and am looking for somebody to oversee the load out. Please let me know if anybody can help me out. PM for more details.
  8. m16ty

    Troop seats on backwards

    I ran across this pic on the web from Operation Desert Storm. What caught my eye is the troop seats are on backwards. I've never seen them done like this, I guess it's a way to add extra cargo space.
  9. m16ty

    MEP-003a NAPA fuel filter

    I'm trying to change out my fuel filters on my 003 with Napa filters. The wiki page list a Napa 3113 fuel filter but when comparing it with the military filter, it's a good 1/4" shorter. Will this work?
  10. m16ty

    Mack RD822sx

    I picked up a Mack truck today that came from the TN National Guard. While it's not a standard MV, it was used by the NG. I needed a big truck to pull overweight loads over less than ideal roads and this thing should fill the bill. I have no idea what the NG used this truck for. Mack RD822sx...
  11. m16ty

    3rd annual Dickson,TN Airport military vehicle and airplane show

    We are having the MV show at the Dickson,TN airport again this year on Nov. 7th. Here's a link to last years thread- Everybody that can make it is welcome. Even if you don't bring a MV, come by and...
  12. m16ty

    Heating a S280

    Well I've almost got my S280 ready to go camping in. It's getting the time of year where I quit worrying about a/c and start focusing on heat. What are people using to heat these shelters? I see a lot of options out there but had rather not gas myself while I'm closed up in there. I know I...
  13. m16ty

    S-280 shelter power connection

    I want to hook my shelter up to generator and shore power. I know it's currently wired to 208 3ph but I'm going to rewire it for 120v 1ph. I'd like to use the existing plug though as not to have to punch another hole in the shelter. The question is, where does somebody go about finding one of...
  14. m16ty

    Redstone Arsenal

    Anybody going to Redstone in the near future? I would like to get a pic of something if somebody happens by there. PM me for more details.
  15. m16ty

    Deuce tail roller and bed winch, skid loading setup

    It's been slow going on this project with work and kids getting in the way. The main goal now is to get the deuce bed where I can load and unload the shelter at home. That way I can work on it in the evenings. I've got a HMMWV hyd winch coming that should be here tomorrow and I've got to fab up...
  16. m16ty

    S-280 camper build

    I picked up a S-280 out of Ft Campbell with the intentions of turning it into a removable camper for the back of the deuce. I figured I'd start a build thread and try to document it here. I say try because most of my builds that I plan on starting a thread on, I end up getting busy with the work...
  17. m16ty

    S-280 air conditioning

    Anybody have any idea on how big of A/C unit it would take to keep a S-280 cold in the summer? I've searched the web and several RV sites but I'm getting conflicting information. I've been looking at the small split units as my S-280 doesn't have the big holes in the front to mount A/C. I...
  18. m16ty

    Data plate size

    Does anybody have the measurements of this data plate? I need to get one made but don't know the overall size.
  19. m16ty

    My M38A2 (CJ5)

    I thought I'd start a thread on a little project I've been working on. It's actually a 1974 CJ5 but I've added some military modifications so I thought M38A2 would be appropriate. The original speedo/gauge combo was inop so I replaced the instrument panel with one from a M715. All the gauges...
  20. m16ty

    Can't read post

    Is it just me or are all the post screwed up and unreadable? When I open a thread, all I see is a bunch of jumbled up letters.
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