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  1. NDT

    Transmission seal leak

    Make sure you have your will and advance directive filled out before using that chinese thing with the huge Allison.
  2. NDT

    CUCV2/CUCV-II Owners, post pics and info of your truck

    Kinda Kermit the frog green there, is it the sun?
  3. NDT

    New early deuce owners in Oklahoma *Lucy*

    Yes, since the winch is the same as M35A2 deuce, every single part is available from numerous sources. And, lots of folks are looking for these winches to equip M35A2 trucks with a winch that is not equipped with one.
  4. NDT

    Identify these aluminum fmtv wheels

    Those are MRAP wheels and will not fit the 10 hole Budd pattern on FMTVs. GL sold scores of those in years past and people were quick to develop adapter plates to mount them on Deuces. The only aluminum wheels that have 10 hole Budd patterns are Caiman MRAP wheels and GL never sold those, they...
  5. NDT

    Air Force M35 differences?

    Really the only true design changes are the dual circuit brakes and the heater fresh air intake is underneath the engine side panel, not in it.
  6. NDT

    New early deuce owners in Oklahoma *Lucy*

    That paint is the perfect shade. If "Lucy" ends up with one of your beds I would be interested in the other for a M34 project.
  7. NDT

    M817 5 ton Dump, front axle Questions

  8. NDT

    New early deuce owners in Oklahoma *Lucy*

    No GMC M135's left the factory in any color other than olive drab shade FS 24087. Back in the day, the Defense Department would make surplus tactical vehicles available to agencies such as the fire department under the Civil Defense program. There were offices at bases all over the US where...
  9. NDT

    New early deuce owners in Oklahoma *Lucy*

    WOW where did you find those pictures? See how the truck originally had singles then the fire dept dualled her out for some reason.
  10. NDT

    New early deuce owners in Oklahoma *Lucy*

    46 matches your main data plate, so yup you have a '52 M135 cargo truck without winch. The arctic enclosure (hard cab) was a sought after item for fire departments that did not want to mess with canvas tops.
  11. NDT

    M3A1 Stuart Tank With E5R2 Flamethrower Fuel Tank Unit Installed!!!

    Very cool. Looks like a nitrogen? tank that pressurizes some kind of flammable liquid? Is the discharge nozzle attached to the 37 mm? Did a radio usually go in that spot?
  12. NDT

    New early deuce owners in Oklahoma *Lucy*

    Well what can we tell you. The main data plate says M135 without winch, build year 5/52. M135 is the single rear wheel truck and given the way the hubs are set up on your rear tandem, that is what you have. Can you look for the stamped VIN on the frame under the passenger side fender kinda...
  13. NDT

    Will these rims fit?

    Those aluminum rims are off MRAPs and that bolt pattern is not 10 hole Budd and will not fit.
  14. NDT

    Various dates on an LMTV M-1079

    Yup fuzzy nailed it. The FMTV was Stewart and Stevenson’s first rodeo with road trucks, prior to this they built off highway vehicles only. The factory was right off I-10 and over the years I would see hundreds of partially completed trucks sitting outside in the weeds, waiting for this that...
  15. NDT

    Stranded in Grand Junction, Colorado.

    How did you check the wires? When resistor wires degrade they don't pass enough energy to fire the plug when the engine is under load.
  16. NDT

    Stranded in Grand Junction, Colorado.

    Have you replaced the plug wires.
  17. NDT

    Looking at a Deuce, Has Some Issues

    Great price. Brakes should be much more responsive.
  18. NDT

    Stranded in Grand Junction, Colorado.

    Dude next time put out a sos on here, most of us are squarebody Chevy sme’s so chances are we could have walked you through your issues.
  19. NDT

    Stranded in Grand Junction, Colorado.

    Nick at USF above will take perfect care of you
  20. NDT

    Stranded in Grand Junction, Colorado.

    That’s a thousand miles away, best hot shot haul rate you will get is $2.00/mile, suggest fix whatever failed right there with that money rather than blow it on hauling.
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