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    bridge plate numbers?

    Who has factory number sets available?
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    Noob with an electrical question

    The schematics for the electrical systems are located in the back of the TM 9 2320-280-20-3 manual and show that both circuit breakers get their power from the Start-Run switch in the Run position. CB1 powers the heater circuits and CB2 powers everything else.
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    Noob with an electrical question

    Do some researching on "supplemental grounding harness". When everything is clean, tight and working as designed the trucks work as designed. After umpteen years of marginal maintenance and servicing stuff loosens up and electrical connections corrode. There's a body ground connection on the...
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    Speedometer Adapter Failure

    Mine failed 20 tears ago because the adapter had loosened up and that short flex line wasn't running true inside and had rounded off. A trip to the auto parts store for a generic speedo cable that I cut to length fixed it and it hasn't been an issue since. This is why I advocate spending...
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    pics please of rear/forward camera screen mounting?

    I utilized a Garmin Streetpilot 7" commercial truck GPS with an A/V input so that I would only need 1 display that serves 2 purposes in the HMMWV. I mounted it on the A pillar low in the corner of the drivers windshield so that I could glance down without my eyes leaving the road for more than a...
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    Left Battery cutoff switch on

    You'll need to do some research here with the SS search function to figure out what combinations of Protective Control Bocx / Glow Plug Controllers and Electrical Start System / Temperature Sensors work together. They do need to be matched up to get everything to work together properly. Every...
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    Stuck plug on old control box.

    Gentlemen, I've built Amphenol and Cannon and Bendix plugs for years and would like to offer some advice. The only connectors with removable pins are those that get crimped on. The solder style pins do not get removed from the connector during assembly. I have both the insert and removal...
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    Source for HMMWV M998 Heater core?

    You'll probably find a heater core from an M151A2 is the same since both were built by AM General. THJ Murray has a drawing up on his page here. If it matches you should be good to go.
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    Stuck plug on old control box.

    That plug is an industry standard amphenol connector. The part number is stamped into the side of it It should look something like this: MS3106-24-11s where the MS3106 is the connector style, the 24 is the size of the body and the 11s is the pin layout and tells you it's a female connector...
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    Stuck plug on old control box.

    It never hurts to put a dollop of anti-oxidant grease on the face of the connector and the threads. It will keep it from oxidizing and helps exclude moisture from the pins. We used to use Dow Corning DC-4 on all of our connectors onboard ship and it's used throughout the aircraft industry.
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    1991 HMMWV overheating

    Start here:
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    Will not start

    Last time I looked it was summertime here in the US and the glow plugs may or may not come on depending on how warm it is in your area. Crack the water seperator valve in the left fenderwell while your cranking the engine and see if you get fuel there. If you do then take a look at the #54...
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    Newbie Questions

    The tires leaning in at the bottom is completely normal. When there's some load in the back end it will straighten out. Mine did it until I dropped an ambulance body onto the chassis, then the wheels were verticle. An unloaded truck is riding at the top of the suspension and will be a harsher...
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    Where can i find this part

    Just bought 100 of them on Ebay for $12. It's a standard riv-nut available in any thread you'd like to install. There are special tools to install them but you don't need them. Look on You Tube for a simple way to install them with commonly available hardware.
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    Stuck Fan Clutch

    The HMMWV fan works backwards from what you'd expect. The Cadillac valve holds it disengaged most of the time. Disconnecting the valve connectors causes the fan to engage. This is a fail safe mode so if anything dies the fan stays engaged all the time. Disconnect the line from the Cadillac...
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    RF-5033 / 5833 amp success!

    We had a very productive day here in California yesterday. We were able to get all three of our RF-5033 amps up and running and repaired one of the PRC-138s. Only one of the amps would actually transmit, the other two would generate an A30-F01 error code and do nothing even though everything we...
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    RPM engages clutch fan?

    Why isn't this post in the HMMWV forum? If your cadillac valve is kaput or the TDR or the clutch is on it's way out you'll get this issue. Where does the "air burst" appear to come from? The clutch system is hydraukicly operated. Are you referring to the sound of the fan blades make when the...
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    Brakes and Steering make a lot of noise

    Look in the -20 manual and follow the flow chart on how to make sure all the air is out of the steering system. With the front end off the ground you need to run the steering from lock to lock about 40 times holding it at the ends of travel for a few seconds each time. Make sure to keep the...
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    Inspect your MV's....

    This is the result of never lubing the U-joints. Only 1 journal had about half the number of bearings in it and the other 3 were metal to metal. Total lack of PCMS on my part!
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Lovely day today! Last week while I was working under my 996 ambulance I reached up and grabbed the right front brake caliper and it rocked all over the place. The bolts to the differential had come loose. To tighten them you need to remove the wheel and tire, the half shaft, and the caliper...
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