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    starter electric gremlins??

    Hi All. My starter and I are in a love hate relationship. I posted a while back that my starter wasn't fully engaging on my '93 M998 6.2L. Long story short I pulled it, took it to the starter shop and they rebuilt it fully and found that burrs had made their way into the starter and were...
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    Injector pump leak

    Hi All - So I have a leak at my injector pump that is leaking about a drop of diesel every 2-3 seconds. Its enough to make the valley on top of the engine fill during a long drive and then pour down during acceleration onto the transmission, exhaust, starter, generally make a mess and smell...
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    Starter sometimes not engaging question

    Hi All Id like to tap into the huge amount of experience and knowledge here on an issue I’m working on. Starting this week a few times the starter has not engaged the first try. It just whirls or barely grinds then whirls. If I wait for it to spin down and try again it works fine. Its...
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    Joined the club

    I wanted to share the M998 I recently purchased through a fellow SS member here. He bought the truck initially, received it, and also did a huge amount of work to get the truck in great shape; painting, parking brakes, cooling system, top/doors, etc. I purchased it off him and have since...
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