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    M1008 Power Steering Trouble Shooting

    A few weeks ago now I had to get pulled out of a bit of deep water. Deep enough that water was definetly in the engine compartment, but not deep enough that it got to the intake and flooded me out. As soon as I was back on dry land, my power steering was completely gone. I pulled over, left...
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    Manual Locking Hub - Something went wrong ...

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my axle and when I pulled the locking hub off one side, it came out pre-dissembled. The problem is that I can't figure out how to get it back together. Can anyone suggest and tips or tricks? Or is this one junk at this point?
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    M1008 Rear Brake Lines?

    Can anyone tell me if these are the correct fit for my M1008? Brake Lines
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    Lets talk offroad upgrades .....

    Got into a bit of fun over the weekend. Kept the air intake above water so she kept on running and never swamped out. Although with the fan running, I'm sure it swallowed enough. Not to mention the water over the bench seat and some wet pants. First question, anything I should check to make...
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    Drivers side seatbelt?

    How is this thing attached to the floorboard? I've used a can of PB Blaster and a cheater bar on my breaker bar and I still can barely get this thing to budge.
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    Need a lesson on engine tempatures and cooling system.

    Let me start with saying I just got my truck back from having the engine replaced and it runs fantastic. I can't believe the power it has now. However, when I got it back the shop said they flushed the radiator and a bunch of junk came out. Well that junk was plugging the holes just fine...
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    Head Gasket Replacement/General Engine Building Questions

    I decided to dive into my replacement engine and give it new head gaskets while I'm checking things out. I got to the point where I removed the heads, but a little "debris" from the old gasket flaked into the cylinders, the coolant ports, and the top open area that I assume goes to the oil pan...
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    Flywheel to Torque converter?

    I'm getting reading to pull my bad engine and replace it with a used one I picked up and checked out. I was reading TM 9-2320-289-34 and in a couple of locations it mentions making sure to mark the flywheel to torque converter location. Seeing as I'm using a replacement engine, how do I know...
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    Used Engine questions

    My M1008 has a bad cylinder and I need a replacement. I'm not looking to upgrade or rebuild at the moment, but I do want to get my truck up and running again sooner than later. My question is, what should I look for in a used engine? What red flags in particular?
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    Need some interior hardware sizes ....

    I don't have my M1008 nearby, so I can't measure myself. But my buddy did give me a lead on a couple of new Chevy squarebody's that were dropped off at a junkyard. So I'll be on my way out there to see if I can snag a new bench seat, seat belt, and dashpad. Does anyone know the bolt size of...
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    I've got electrical questions (M1008)

    I've been having various troubles with my glow plug override button and dash lights. I'll try to go through these one by one. First, the glow plug override. If I push and hold this after a few weeks of not running the truck, it rarely starts. I've learned that if I "pump" the button or hold...
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    Parts Compatibility Question - Bench Seats

    Can anyone tell me if a bench seat from a 1982 C10 will bolt into a 1985 M1008?
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    Guess I've got a dead cylinder. Now what?

    Truck wasn't sounding right, so I took it in for a compression test. Sure enough, Cylinder #1 has 0 PSI, but all the others had 400 psi. What's my next steps?
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    Driver side seatbelt?

    My shoulder strap on my seatbelt wont retract. Time for a new one. Anyone know where I can get one?
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    Dashboard disassembly schematics?

    This M1008 I picked up is so full of mouse poop that I'm convinced I'm going to need to completely gut the cab to clean it out. Does anyone have good diagrams or step-by-step instructions for this process?
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