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    Does the LTAS Cab FMTVs, or MRAPS for that matter, have True Runflats?

    Does the LTAS or LSAC cab (armored) trucks run a different tire than the standard M1078? a runflat like on a hmmwv? Are runflat's avail for the LMTV?
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    Need Help w/ Air Brake System

    Hello, LMTV M1078: When I apply the brakes, I have air releasing through this bleed? valve cap. Hoping not to re-invent the wheel, does this mean this entire valve is failing? or ????? what would be the recommended fix? TIA, Austin
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    94' LMTV Wiring Diagram Help needed

    Can someone tell me what the P39 wire/connection is for? Mine is unplugged-not sure if it's supposed to be that way or not, and I cant find it in the dang tm's to save my life! TIA, Austin
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    Need Help w/ Starting Problem: LMTV M1078

    All, New to vehicle-just got it about 1-mo ago, runs pretty good but just today started developing this annoying issue: It starts no problem 1st push of button, but when I drive it for a few miles and get it warmed up, and stop somewhere and kill the engine, when I go to restart nothing...
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    Need Help w/Cargo Cover M923A2

    All, I'm sure it's a simple task but wont have much time to figure it out, I will need to roll up the sides of my cargo cover for a parade on Saturday, so my family and friends can sit in the back during the parade and still have some shade, is there any trick to this? or is it pretty straight...
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    Did they ever make an Armored Cab upgrade package for M939 series cabs? (I.E. M923A2)

    This may have been covered already, but is there an up-armored package made for the 5-ton cab? I've seen some 5-ton trainers made to look like MRAPs but i've never seen a military-issued cab protection kit. I know there is a company making survivalist armored trucks, but did the military ever...
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    WTK: What RPM is my Truck Tranny Supposed to Shift Gears??? M923A2

    All, My truck is a 2010 Texarkana rebuild, it runs great, but the transmission doesnt shift until the rpms are nearly at 2000, is this correct? Most gears, it shifts at between 1900 and 2000 rpm. Also, I nearly have the pedal to the floor to get the 2000rpm, is this correct, I nearly have to...
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    New Stowage Bracket for Medium Tow Bar!

    Did a little mod to the storage brackets I had, works pretty well Austin in Texas!
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