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    need m274 fuel pump Cant find a pump for less than $165 need help!

    I am desperately looking for a fuel pump and alternator kit for my mule. Found a pump at one of the mule parts dealer but he wanted $165.00 for it. I refuse to pay that much. I checked all of the local auto parts for the airtex 1202 but none of them can order one. I cant find one on ebay...
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    embossed directions on transmission

    Does anyone know why following is embossed on the transmission of my XM211. THE TWO HALFS OF THIS HOUSINGMUST REMAIN TOGETHER AND WITH THE ENGINE
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    m211 transmission will not shift

    Does anyone know why the transmission will shift on low but not high?
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    m211 insturment panel

    I just purchased a m211 it has been sitting for 5 years does anyone know where I can get a complete insturment panel this one had been removed thanks. Will submit pictures if i can figure out how.
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    Removing m422 king pin question

    Can anyone advise how to remove the lower kingpin from the front spindle of a m422 thanks
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    turn signals on m151

    Can anyone advise the best way to install turn signals on a m151. thanks
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    I just started my mutt for the first time today. The alt. Was not hooked up. The alt. Over heated and started smoking after about 30the seconds. It turned fine when I put it on. Does anyone have any idea what may have happened?
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    replacment fuel pump for m422

    I just used a NAPA 572 fuel pump to replace the fuel pump on my M422. This is the pump used on the M38a1. I removed the pivot pin and swapped out the pump arm. So far everything appears to be working fine.
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    new generator

    I just received a .125 gernerator 115 v single phase 400 cycle special purpose portable its very small. Smaller than a 50 cal ammo can. Does anyone know what it would be used for. I dont have a way to down load picturrs but the manuel that came with it is TM 5-6115-330-15. Thanks
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    Almost the proud powner of another mighty might

    A friend of mine agreed to sell me his mighty might in exchange for my mighty might project and some cash. His is about 90 % restored. Rebuilt engine, new winter top with doors and curtains and new tires and fresh paint. Can any one advise if there is a spare tire mount. I see them in the...
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    Oil pressure too high??

    After I got the lifters freed up I tried to crank the engine. That’s when I found out problem #2. The oil seal at the canister blows out. I purchased a conversion to use a screw on filter. It works great. I also called bill Watson and was told to make sure the valve going to the carb. pipe is...
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    Installing a ROPS onto a m151a1

    Can anyone advise if a rops kit will fit on a m151a1 or will it have to be modified. If it does have to be modified can anyone advise the process. Also is there a market for take off, uncut, m151a2 suspension parts. thanks fred
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    mutt tires

    Can anyone advised what a fair price is for take off mutt tires. They have plenty of tread left on them. I am not sure if they are weather cracked. I am going to look at some tomarrow and would like to have an idea what they are worth before I make an offer. I know at least one of them is a...
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    Removing wiper knob

    I have to remove the wiper switch from my m886. Does anyone know the correct way to remove the knob without breaking anything? Thanks
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    gen 2 light and volt meter not working

    Has anyone had this problem before. My gen 2 light will not come on and the volt meter is not getting any voltage. I remember hearing something about a similar problem that was caused by a relay. Both alternators are charging. 1986 m1009
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    Piston Rings for a mighty might

    Does anyone know where i can get a set of piston rings for a mighty might. I have my engine partially built but need a set of rings to finish it. Is there anything comercially available that will work?
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    Lifters will not move???

    I need help. I tried to start my mule and I have no compression. I put new jugs, pistons and heads on it last year but finally got around to trying to start it yesterday. I oiled everything up when i rebuilt it and soaked the lifters. I think they are hydrualic and at first I thought they...
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    engine swap

    Can anyone advise if a 360 out of a j20 jeep will fit into a m715 without alot of modifications. Will trans bolt up. Will motor mounts bolt up, ect. Thanks fred
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    IR light m1030

    Does anyone have a picture of the IR light that goes on the front of the M1030.
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    front battery not charging (M1009)

    Can anyone advise which alt. charges the front battery. I have been looking but cant find the thread I need this morning. My gen #2 light began flickering when I turn the head light on. I checkec and only have battery voltage at the front battery. I have charging voltage at the rear battery...
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