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    Gen set trailer help advice wanted please

    I follow these trailer threads and try to keep up with the topics, but i need help, I only collect, repair and or use generator sets. it seems recently all generators are coming to me on the original military trailer/s.. Once the sets get into the 30kw size and some even 15kw MEP sets are too...
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    Quad Field winding, purpose or how used MEP-802/3 series

    For some time I have skirted this and sorta faked myself into understanding what or how this QUAD FIELD WINDING is supposed to work as well the intent of it. I'm most used to just a plain old brushless era Field winding of some impedance with a + and - F1 and F2 designation . I welcome any...
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    Gen set trailer wiring harness update

    2-3 months ago I posed the question about finding the mating receptical to typical trailer cable plugs that plug into the towing vehical. Several good ideas were proffered and several others offerd the matching receptical, but in the end various factors nothing was coming together for me to...
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    MEP filters listing help please both 804A/B and others.

    I swear I recently saw this thread, and I want to say I had sense enough to save it. But I have forgotten where, readers please accept my apology, thus the question again. Can or will whoever posted the extensive FILTER listing, that posting went thru I think the DOD 3kw up thru the 60 or...
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    MEP-1040 Oil filter help and initial comparisions.

    A friend has loaned me his new 2016 build date MEP-1040 10kw set, it came totally drained, and missing oil and fuel filters, The "Wizzard" or Yoda .. Guy Fang, got me on the right fuel filter and I'm using an oil filter from i think my 802/3 stash .. I can see it is a shorter body or...
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    MEP-007 Oil, Fuel and Air filter help please

    Readers, I have need for Oil and Fuel filters for the 007A, Air filters I have located and in fact have several "extras" available, these also fit the 006 using 1 each and 2 for the 007. Direct email is best and fastest use: or here at SS as you choose. Thanx mac/mc
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