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    Mechanical injection turbo 6.2?

    I have a lead on a church van with a 6.5 td in it. I want to keep mechanical and not add the pcm. Is it possible to bolt the intake and heads and turbo on and turn up the stock pump to match it? Im not expecting much over 200hp buy i dont know what the mechanical pump is capable of... This...
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    Ratchet shifter?

    I am in the beginning stages of my 700r4 swap. I have the trans, proper flexplate and torque converter. I still need to get the adapter to my np242. Im looking at shifters and i know its easy enough to buy a 4 speed shifter for $500 and mod it slightly to work but my brain is wanting to toss a...
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    Helical cut hub gears?

    I have an 86 m998. I have been looking at swapping to the helical cut hub gears when im rebuilding hubs. Has anyone done the swap to the helical cut gears? Is the only change the input and output gears themselves or would it require more like ctis spindles or something more?
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    700r4/np208 swap

    I know these swaps are talked about often but i cant seem to find the answer im looking for. Is there a way to bolt up the 242 to the 700r4? I thought i had read there was a similar bolt pattern on another tcase model that would bolt up and not need any driveshaft modification... The trans im...
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    6.5 to 6.2 parts interchangeability?

    Im looking at buying a 1996 chevy truck that has a 6.5 TD and a 700r4 4x4 drivetrain. I am aware that the truck turbo manifold system won't fit the humvee amd i will be looking for a van intake and manifild system. My question is on the 12v conversion. What parts could i put on my 6.2 block to...
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    4 person intercom with ability to link in cell phone

    I've been looking at race team types, aviation types and the vic 1 and 3 intercoms but I cant seem to find one that does everything I want it to do... I am hoping someone here has better knowledge than I on the subject. I eventually plan to add a HAM and CB setup to my hmmwv but also want to be...
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    Starter staying on when in neutral...

    Over the last couple of days, my hmmwv has started to have the starter continue running while in neutral. It's an 86 model with a 6.2. Once I shift into drive, it seems to stop and everything runs fine but when you shift into neutral to shut it off, you can hear the starter engaging. Or at least...
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    Battery disconnect?

    Will a duralast battery disconnect switch rated at 1000 peak amps survive full starting load from my hmmwv? If not, which disconnect has been used by anyone here with good results?
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    Dimensional drawings?

    Does anyone have some detailed dimensions drawings of the hmmwvs? I've only been able to find some dimensions from what looks like cargo tags online. I'm looking for things like the windshield frame and the body tub and possibly the b pillar. I will eventually get around to measuring it all...
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    Can I remove the cross brace behind the front seats?

    So I was looking at Hummer H1 interiors for build inspiration and noticed they dont have the cross brace behind their front seats. Has anyone removed that brace from a HMMWV? A couple more inches is always helpful being 6'-1" tall. (That's what she said!)
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    6.5 suburban parts vehicle for my 6.2 m998

    I have found a 1994 k2500 suburban near me with a locked up motor. I'm curious about building a 6.2 turbo motor with the 4l80 swap. Is this a good donor? Would the heads or fuel pump and injectors or any other parts be good upgrades?
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    Humvee NXT 360 wheels

    Anyone happen to know what the wheels and tires are on the humvee nxt? Almost looks like a 20" mrap style wheel. Video I saw said that they are also a larger diameter tire but no specifics were given and i have yet to find the specs... I have been looking at getting a set of mrap 20" aluminum...
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    Lmtv/mrap wheels with civilian tires?

    Can anyone verify if a civilian tire can be effectively used on a 20" military wheel? I'm specifically looking at the 20" aluminum hutchison's and wanting to run a 37x12.50r20 or similar on my hmmwv...
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    Banks 6.2 turbo kit from a c30 on my m998?

    Found a smoking deal on a 6.2 motor with the banks kit installed. Motor condition is unknown but turbo appears to be good with no noticeable shaft play. Is there any reason I can't swap the necessary parts into my low mileage m998 engine?
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    transmission swap questions

    im getting a bunch of conflicting things online as to what can and cannot be done... i want to put an overdrive in the beast and i have been looking at 700r4 and 4l60 transmissions as i dont want to have to deal with electronics at this point. is the shaft that connects the engine to the...
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    Intake and exhaust

    I am contemplating putting a high flow conical filter where the stock filter housing is and either a high flow muffler or just a muffler delete on my hmmwv with a 6.2. If I do these and turn the fuel pump up about an 1/8 or 3/16 of a turn, should it see a noticeable increase or am I looking for...
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    H1 vs HMMWV noise?

    I ended up parking my HMMWV right behind an H1 at dinner the other night. was a restaurant that had outdoor seating so i noticed when they left that they seemed to have the 6.5 turbo motor but theirs was much quieter than my 6.2. I do realize that i bought a military vehicle and really do...
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    New guy with build ideas/questions

    i am currently looking for a 1009 to buy. when i get it, my plan is to use it as a weekend wheeler for my family. i am planning on swapping to the 1-ton axles from one of the trucks. id like to run the hmmwv bead locks with the runflats in them. i am also considering a swap in the transfer case...
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