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    Litter Carrier

    I’d be interested in this project Chris
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    Litter Carrier

    Check over on G503 under M274 discussion. There is a post on the subject there complete with pictures of a replica litter rack
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    What am I looking at?

    It appears to be too well built to write it off as someone’s shade tree project. It could possibly be some sort of prototype design. As such it could be invaluable. A curiousity at best, it certainly warrants careful research and preservation. I would suggest value is dependent on what is...
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    Bumper Markings

    Thanks Guys. Perhaps I erred when I mentioned serial number, is there a way to chase registration numbers to find specific units???
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    Bumper Markings

    Can someone tell me what the correct color is for the background for bumper markings? Looks like sand to me but a proper Mil-spec paint would really help me out. My recently purchased M1009 has had the bumpers painted over, not sure if the original markings are even under the paint without...
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    A04-53 engine for early mule

    Interested in your 4cyl mule engines
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    45th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally Militaria Flea Market 10-12 May 2018

    My wife and I started going about 5 years ago. Within three years of going we already saw a downturn in the show. We did not go last year or this year and from the opinions expressed by many it seems as if this was the right decision. It appears that perhaps Findlay is beginning to take over...
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    2018 Findlay Oh Armed forces day buy-sell-trade & Info

    Anyone in the area of Eastern Surplus headed to Findlay? I am looking at an item which is bulky and lightweight yet ridiculous to ship via courier. Willing to pay if anyone can help me out with a reasonable rate.
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    Eastern Surplus to Findlay OH

    Wondering if anyone is in the area of Eastern Surplus and travelling over to Armed Forces Day in Findlay OH in a couple weeks? May have a couple light weight items looking for a ride. Cash for transport help. Chris
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    M274 Questions

    Hi speed on a mule is suicidal...
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    Joined the Mule Train

    The rear engine guard is quite complex and varied from model to model in some ways. It would be a real challenge to fab an authentic one to original specs without having an unmolested original to compare it to. From a couple guys I spoke with in the past, there was a stash of early original...
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    Gilbert PA 2017

    Does anyone know the confirmed dates for the Gilbert PA 2017 show and swap? Planning vacation time! Thanks
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    106 rr hold down bracket under the bed.

    Anyone have a spare M79 T&E mount for the 106? Looking for one...
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    Red Ball Rally in Gilbert PA

    Art, we will see you there, looking forward to it! Chris and Guylaine, Canada
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    Red Ball Rally in Gilbert PA

    I'll be down from Canada, first Gilbert show for us! Looking forward to it, hopefully see some familiar faces from other shows. Looking and interested in all things M274 Mule, especially 4cyl stuff and 106RR mule specific items... -Chris
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    Canadian Mule Owners

    At least 8 in Ontario and one in Alberta that I know of
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    Canadian Mule Owners

    Yes, I am in Ontario. No issues with import. Declare it at Canada Customs with Bill of sale in hand. Don't get long winded explaining what it is and the history- they could care less. I simply called it a mechanical wagon for off road or farm use. They will look at it, ask a bunch of questions...
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    715 found, worth it?

    The difference in price between a runner and a non runner can be thousands. I can never understand why a guy will insist on selling a non runner using the tactic that it only needs this or that and ran good. If thats the case, spend a few bucks and some time to get it running.( which should...
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    M38A1 into Israeli colors

    What is really cool aside from the Jeeps is the halftrack photos. In one of the photos, there are several HTs beside one another. What is interesting to me is the HT on the right hand side. It is a International Harvester. There is a distinct possibility that that is my old halftrack! My HT was...
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