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    MEP ground rod kit/slide hammer info

    I checked Ebay for the hammer: search 5120-01-013-1676 Ground rods were on Sportsmansguide a year or so ago for $20 + shipping. Search...
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    M989A1 HEMAT - Part Numbers for the Rubber Plugs on the Electrical Pigtail?

    Intervehicular Cable??.........a couple options: Orig Link shows Sold: search Ebay for..... Military Trailer Cable (Intervehicular Cable), 144 Inches, 7728814
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    Questions about M720 and brakes

    Is there a cheaper way to install air brakes on your tow vehicle? I'm thinking an electric/air system on your truck and then run the air hoses to M720 axles. Need air compressor and the electric actuation system. I have no experience with air brakes, but thinking 1 system should be less...
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    Need advice on Genset wireing

    Your shed looks pretty full. I would put it back on the trailer and park it beside the house as it was.
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    MEP 803A fuel pump replacement

    8135 is good for gas and diesel:
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    MEP 803A fuel pump replacement

    Some pump info here: This should get you close to your price point....but will need a few fittings and connectors:
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    Slide-in camper Will it fit in M1102 bed?

    Before you get too far along check out my experience with a similar trailer (generator version of the LTT) in posts 18, 23, 48. As Coug points out trailer weight balance can cause tongue weight was too...
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    Mep 802a vibration issue

    Tapped an old thread: deleted
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    fuel tank patching

    There is one out there for $700+. I think I would look at converting a 20 liter Jerry can or some other suitable tank that will fit into the space. GMG reports out of stock:
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    MEP-803a not putting out the same power as a 7kw gas Briggs and Stratton?

    Diesel has a pretty unique smell. Compare to what's in your fuel tank. Motor oil is a heavier oil as LITD points out and will have more lubricity. I ask because I had a fuel leak on an 802 that put diesel on the flat surface of the engine shown in photo #2: the fuel line clips were sprung...
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    DIY load bank

    You may want to consider purchasing a used Kenmore 'load bank' like I did.......
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    MEP-802a Low Alternator Voltage Output

    My notes on alternators for the MEP-802A and MEP-803A generators: Alternator: PRESTOLITE LEECE NEVILLE 8MR3005C CAR 8RG3063 GENERATOR ALTERNATOR TRUCK 24V , NSN 6115-01-368-2911. Actual part number is 8MR3005CA, NSN 6115-01-459-1661. The 8MR3005C will need the head rotated per Green Mountain.
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    MEP-802a Low Alternator Voltage Output

    Fuel drain leak is covered by Daybreak in his parts list: A lot of guys prefer the bulk head fitting replacement:
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    Steel drum AUX fuel adapter

    I think it's 1/4 inch pipe. Check this link: Find a 1/4" pipe plug and test it. The greenmountain link indicates 3/8 tubing for bottom section
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    802 Fuel Tank Repair

    Some threads to review:
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    I would go with an MEP-802A.
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    MEP-803a. Diesel sub-tank.

    I use jerry cans for my 802 when camping. It's an option worth considering.......
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    Mep-803a high idle

    Frequency Adjust Control is shown on page 45 / 137 of TM 9-6115-642-10.
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    M116a3 Welding trailer build.

    I always thought Robson1015's looked pretty nice:
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