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    M817 5 ton Dump, front axle Questions

    Engaging in one direction and not the other sounds like the one way sprag clutch could be damaged. I would check your air lines going to the transfer case for leaks. I had one split there before.
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    M51A2 fuel issues
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    Another WC63 found...

    Even if you can't take it on, it would a shame to let it get junked. If you have the capability to move it and the space to hold it for a bit, I'm sure someone will jump on it.
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    M916 flatbed with winch

    The way it's set up, I kind of expected to see gin poles. Or at least provisions for them. Especially with it being an oil field truck.
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    I like it. What size tires are those?
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    KS Hmmwv parts

    Floor mat/insulation pieces sold.
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    Welcome from Kansas. These things are a lot of fun and a lot of work. (and a lot of money, at times.) I recommend taking your time and finding the best truck you can for the money. And do lots of reading The forum here contains a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience. The TM's are...
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    M51 Power Steering Issue

    That's called "percussive maintenance". Also known as "hit it till it works". I don't know what effect, if any, it will have, but never hurts to try.
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    M51 Power Steering Issue

    When the power steering on mine went out, it was because the pump shaft sheared, causing no output. If available, I would try to hook up a pressure guage to verify it has the right amount coming out. My next step was looking into the steering box. As I understand, there is a diverter valve on...
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    Need help identifing a part.

    Sounds like the turn signal switch, maybe? Probably number 15.
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    MEP-803a. Diesel sub-tank.

    An option I have considered for more fuel is a truck bed tank. Called a transfer tank. The kind that a farmer or contractor might have. Goes in the bed. Sometimes behind or under a toolbox. Can sometimes be found used for a decent price.
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    M51A2 lost power steering

    I forgot to update this. Got the truck reassembled and tested. Problem seems to be fixed.
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    M51A2 lost power steering

    I'm going to have to start completing projects quicker or doing a better job of documenting the process. Trying to get this radiator back in, but my memory fails me. Where does the other end of this ground strap go? Truck is M51A2. EDIT: Nevermimd. I was able to locate signs of a star...
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    M51A2 lost power steering

    I went through the manuals again. Didn't find anything on the actual assembly/disassembly, just removal/installation. I didn't have the truck in front of me, so I put it back together the direction I thought it went. When I got it back to the house I had someone bump the starter while I...
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    M51A2 lost power steering

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to have another look at the manual when I get home. Everything has gone together well, I just want to confirm the vane portion is going in the right direction since it's reversable.
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    M51A2 lost power steering

    So I removed and disassembled the power steering pump and found the shaft had sheared in two. I got a new shaft, bearing, and seals. Got the shaft in the housing, but have a question on the vane gerotor part. Which direction does the pump turn? In the time between disassembly and parts...
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    M35 Drivers seat

    I agree. I also found the box seat a better fit for me. Not just for the height, but also with a greater weight (I'm not small.) When I tried a truck with a springer seat, I found that I would instantly bottom it out. Which meant that my knees were in my ears and I couldn't lift my leg high...
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    Educate me on the dump...the M929 / M930

    It looks like there is a safety latch, to hold the bed down in transit in assume. Is the 929 the only one with that, or do the m51 and m817 have those also?
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    Check your Driveshaft phasing on FMTVs!!

    Ok. Seems odd that they aren't keyed. I've always marked my driveshafts, as well. Just because.
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