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    M149 Air vent bolt

    I picked up a nice M149 stainless steel tank and am going through all the rusty parts. On the top of the tank there is/was a bolt with small vent holes, In attempting to remove it (it was complety rusted over), the head broke off, I was able to remove the bolt, its drilled out in the middle...
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    Primary Fuel Filter Bracket Grounding Wire

    There is a grounding wire attached to my primary fuel filter bracket that goes nowhere. I've searched the TM's and cannot find where its supposed to connect to. Anyone with a Duece can you look and see where the other end is bolted to? Thanks
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    Wax job?

    Maybe a stupid question, does anyone wax their deuce? Or is it counter to the camouflage to make it shinny, besides getting into all the bed cracks
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