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    Problems with swapping oil in a 923/925 transmission with synthetic?

    A little searching on Google turned up this website: according to it a 0w20 oil is only good down to -22* F. That means Rotella T6 5w40 would not be a viable choice...
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    Is the 8.3L Turbo Cummins the " best " engine ?

    I've been doing a lot of research on these engines recently. Both engine produce roughly the same power if left stock. The 6CTA can be turned up a lot further than a NHC250 though. Either engine can be turned up far enough to destroy the transmission. The 6CTA was produced in power levels up...
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    Man kat1

    I looked into these and the Tatra trucks last summer. The best source of parts is Europe or Eastern Russia. A lot of the filters will cross reference with filters available in the US. Get on the European forums and check around I remember there were several retailers that will ship to the US and...
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    Deuce with 6v92T Detroit and transmission.....????

    939s have an overdrive transfercase that's why those trucks can reach speeds in the 60s with a 1:1 5th gear in the Alison.
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    Electric Winch Install

    Yes a straight line pull on level ground would require less effort then pulling up an incline. I would think that it would require less effort though if the vehicle being recovered was above the recovery vehicle on an incline. In that situation gravity should help you pull the stuck vehicle down...
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    Electric Winch Install

    What TehTDK was stating with his calculations involved a recovery vehicles with a bumper mount winch pulling a vehicle up a slope. The reason wreckers are built and used the way you describe is to simultaneously pull & lift the vehicle being recovered. Since the vehicle is being lifted out of...
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    5 Ton Bolt Pattern

    Those adapters will work with some slight alterations. Just have the holes chamfered for the 10 bolt portion and the center hole enlarged to 8.75".
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    LDS VS LDT and the real differences

    You would have to have a shop rebuild your IP to set the fuel rate the way I'm talking about. It's done a lot on OTR trucks. The major issue you'd have is finding a shop that would be able work on this pump. Don't give me credit for know which engine is in which truck. I pulled that information...
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    LDS VS LDT and the real differences

    Are you sure? I was under the impression the LDS-465-1 was found in the some Deuces not the LDS-465-2. The -2 motor is supposed to be extremely rare with a much higher HP/RPM rating.
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    best gear oil for deuce

    I checked on and they list quiet a few different oils that are GL-4 certified. I'm not saying you have to use Amsoil just trying to give you an idea of possible lubes to look for. Here's the URL for the search: Here's a search...
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    5 Ton Bolt Pattern There's a CAD drawing in that thread to have them machined from plate stock. They are expensive to produce which is why you don't see more guys running them. You'll need to buy 36 bolts to bolt them to the OE...
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    Turning up fuel and boost...related?

    There are several guys that run 1200* F but that is short duration. With the piston oilers, if you have them, you're safe going above 1200* but I wouldn't suggest doing long pulls like that. Depending on how you timed the pump you'll be able to run more or less fuel. It was brought up a long...
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    Turning up fuel and boost...related?

    Unless you have a waste gate on your turbo the only way to increase boost is to increase fuel. Did you time your pump to LDT or LDS specs?
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    LDS VS LDT and the real differences

    I think I worded my statement incorrectly and I am sorry for the confusion. I'm not suggesting we increase the max RPM just the point at which the IP starts to defuel. If the IP keeps fueling closer to the governed RPM there is more power potential. This isn't a mod for just Cummins either it...
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    LDS VS LDT and the real differences

    It has been posted a couple time that the LDS465-2 was used in a Ford manufactured 8x8 not just a regular 5 ton. The parts should be interchangeable though so you could build a -2 out of a -1 or LDT.
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    Picture of Sectioned Multifuel Piston

    I've always wondered why this wasn't tried a long time ago. How low do you think the CR can safely be dropped?
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    Picture of Sectioned Multifuel Piston

    Awesome picture Chigger. Sorry about the bashing in the other thread had a really rough day and kind of took it out on you. If you don't mind can you get some measurements on thickness of the crown? Possibly cut one of the halves in two and see if the thickness is uniform. Be great if we could...
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    Should I install a gear vendors overdrive

    Chigger don't get pissy.The reality is no one suggested purchasing that system and to my knowledge it isn't available for purchase. It was only brought up because Mudguppy said something about designing a suspension system for his truck. I agree there tends to be a significant amount of...
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    Should I install a gear vendors overdrive

    Is it just the front suspension that is built incorrectly on the C&C truck? What is it about the suspension that makes the truck dangerous? Has anyone built a safe suspension system for the Deuce? Mudguppy I'm having a problem finding the air suspension thread is there a certain key word you...
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    A/C Vacuum Source?

    No idea where everything goes on the Muttparts unit. If you email them they get back to you very quickly. I emailed them about their dual circuit brake master cylinder and received a reply at 630 am the following day.
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