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    anyone own MKT in north seattle/ woodinville area, want to see one in person

    Hey Folks, I've only ever been on the outside of a MKT as a "feeder", I'm thinking about one as a mini camper (sleeping on cots on the side ramps for behind my deuce. I have a wife and couple of dogs to think about climbing into the bed of the deuce or I'd continue camping in the back of it...
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    Anyone have a SEE in western washington?

    I'd like to see one in person and discuss its backhoe to see if it'd be enough for my needs. I've got a sub-compact tractor with a small loader, but I need something just a bit bigger and wondering if I can feed my green addiction and get something useful too. I'd basically use it around my...
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    My new 803a

    Picked this up a few weeks ago and just starting to mess with it. Good news is the local GP guys were using it to power their shop trailer... I think that's good news at least? Checked fluid levels yesterday and fired it up to warm up a bit, was planning on changing the oil and I like it...
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    Be careful with tires on GP.

    I wont 2 lots of 4 each tires 2 on Aug 24. Had some scheduling issues with the yard picking up the tires and so wasn't able to get them until Friday 9/2. Took a cursory look at the yard on a gloomy Seattle day and loaded them up in the Deuce bed and headed home. As I was unloading them at...
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    Seattle Area : Powder Coating?

    Know anyone local for powder coating? I bought some of that 383 power coat in the Classified. Don't have anything ready to coat yet, just starting to get my ducks in a row. Been considering find/converting an old oven , lots of videos on YouTube about it. Mostly just need to buy a...
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    Is this a Diamond T ?

    Data plate is pretty goofed up and per the door decal it was used as a drilling Co truck after service. I can't find a model ending in 967. It's my fathers, located in Western KS and he uses it to lift things, but I'd like to get some TM's for him.
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    MEP-803A recovery and the first "long" trip in the deuce

    So I got my Deuce on Monday. I have a different thread on that. Wednesday I find I've won the MEP-803A out of JBLM up for auction on GP. Can you say Road trip? it's only 65 miles one way from my house to JBLM. I had also negotiated with a guy for a set of troop seats, bows and a green cargo...
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    The Centipede aka my new 1988 m35a2c

    I bought Wade's "extra" deuce this week and it's now traveling via flatbed to me. Hope to have it home in the next few days. She runs great but I chose discretion (shipping) over valor (Self driving) due to time/distance and the fact that I haven't worked on a large truck in about 15 years...
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