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  1. dmetalmiki

    Can NOT find a M135 truck for sale anywhere!

    F'er goodness sake, I have posted, Advcertised, placed wanted adverts weverywhere for Probably the last truck I will collect. (Finally). Google revealed nothing. E.U. Search. Nothing. U.S. Search, Nothing. Somebody, Somewhere SURLEY, Knows of, or might have, A GMC M135 circa 50's. Like the...
  2. dmetalmiki

    'To Go', (All on MB Jeep)

    During a huge tidy up, throw out, And rearrange week, I found RPM counter and cable, And some odd electrical parts. Hmmmm, "Haven't see those for about 40 years!". Chucked most of the associated parts way years back When MUCH younger and cared not (Then) a jot about all the space consuming...
  3. dmetalmiki

    "Thanks" and Logging out.

    I have tested quite a few things on the 'New' Layout. I do not see the "Thanks" For and from members that I liked previously. Is it me? I do not see The 'Log Out' Button.
  4. dmetalmiki

    M 211 Fire or Water truck Wanted.

    M211 or M135 I 'Blame' Century for giving me (Yet another I'm cutting down..AFTER THIS ONE! desire..). I have Goggled! searched and browsed, but no where can I find a running driving M211 Truck for sale. Second Choice An M135 if no M211 comes up.
  5. dmetalmiki

    Mission Impossible..(?)

    Chris..look on.... IF ONLY I had a Scammell in my collection....or an AEC recovery.. as they both have BIG wheels and tires in single wheel configuration. 'Fela emailed me..(Friend of years) "Need summa't lifting and dropping on a trailer". "I had better come and weigh the job up first" OK...
  6. dmetalmiki

    Armed Forces Day

    I just found this link, so Here is a picture of the local Air Force Cadets lined up on the M62 wrecker (As asked for permission), in front of their display marquee at Armed Forces Commemoration Day.
  7. dmetalmiki

    Essex HVMA first show.

    We staged an all military event at a local town, It was a first time event and so we wre hoping for good weather and public attendances. It was staged over 2 days Saturday and Sunday. As we wre helping with the organising I had little time for taking pictures, but I did take shots of my...
  8. dmetalmiki

    War and peace the journey

    My camera had no pictures after returning home. Have not a clue why it just did not save them. But here are some anyway. Tobias, (a member on here) Flew to America, (Utah). To bid for a humvee. He saw hundreds but only liked three, and one the best of the three he wanted. And so he bid on it and...
  9. dmetalmiki

    War and Peace Show

    Only read if you have an hour to spare...And wish to share my horror outing to the show.Well we set off at 4 am in convoy, and I got 2 miles before the M54 Camper (A baring the WW11 jeep) ran worse than terrible. Turned round and returned to the shop, Changed out the filters, and away we went...
  10. dmetalmiki

    Armed Forces Day.

    Sunday I was pleased to present My M62 Wrecker Truck for the ceremony at the local town park. Since this was the first run out since the major incident and eventual repair (For those that know me).. I was glad to have a safety run down trial in the trip. (Just as well the brakes are 110% as it...
  11. dmetalmiki

    Casual drive out and meet up

    Serviced painted and essential work carried out on the (Recently acquired) Diamond T. Our local club were taking a drive out on Sunday, So a friend with a CCKW and myself cruised to the Marina locally where the meeting was. The 10th of May our first organised show of the year is to be held. So...
  12. dmetalmiki

    Easter first local show event.

    The weather was absolutely perfect. And we decided to stop work, take a day off and relax, by way of presenting some of our stock at the local 'Museum of Light and Power' Easter weekend event. Pictures at the event. and placing the "Queen Mary" back in it's home" (Well it might as well be, The...
  13. dmetalmiki

    Reporting for 1st. Parade. (And Duty).

    At Last!. The M62 ditch saga is OVER. Phew, Much pain, A whole lot of determination. Another 4 hours yesterday, Just!. A hot soak, A few perla's. (& 7-30 in bed). I am however proud of the effort and the end result.
  14. dmetalmiki

    Allison auto box advice

    Well gents, Here's a nifty problem for you (All) to have a go at. The Diamond T I have now, Is fitted with a four speed auto truck gearbox. Just like some fitted to the Bin (Refuse) wagons. (And buses?). You can select 1 2 3 4 or R. You can set of in 4, and it does the Auto thing. up and down...
  15. dmetalmiki

    Sequential 'fire up' M45530C TFFT

    Wrecker..Tick, Gamma goat, Tick, M54A2 Camper, Tick, M45-530C=TFFT ..'It's Turn' to the regular 'fire up'. If you are idly perusing the site, Mebb'e you might like to watch the 'turn to fire up' My Fire Unit. And 'UZ|'* Barn. (*Our).
  16. dmetalmiki

    Bum Freezer meet

    Well, It's the start of a new years season of events. Here is our first club meet at the "Bum freezer Run out". Cold, Windy, But clear skies and we enjoyed the run out and the meet up at the local town quay. (I just noticed that after 3 attempts Rick still did not...
  17. dmetalmiki

    Help with Identification.

    can someone (anyone) tell us WHAT! this trailer is and where data can be found? We can find absolutely nothing. And Oblige. dmetalmiki.
  18. dmetalmiki

    HOT HOT HOT (the weather not the trucks).

    So come the weekend, we go to a show (classic car meeting (invited)), And convoy there with My M54, a Deuce, and the CCKW now painted 'Navy Style'. As the event is always jam packed and roads gridlocked we set off at 6-30 A.M. We arrive and the entrance to the park was something else...
  19. dmetalmiki

    Happiness iz Hoses

    After failed promises find and dispatch fire hoses or connectors to suit, and many many quotes to engineer and or tig weld 'something' to fit U.S. to British fire hoses to my M45 530C later, I had almost given up hope of making something up to suit. Ebay and much cost in shipping vat and customs...
  20. dmetalmiki

    I like "it's your truck" do what as want.

    Well last weekend I changed out the axles springs windscreen on my 1942 jeep 'of many many many years'. Today I thought to service my other 1943 Willys jeep. I thought a plug needed cleaning..But, I (thought easier!) to put another engine in! (as you do?). Oh, and 700x16 tires. Still a bit...
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