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  1. Tinstar

    windshield wiper motor ?

    ACDelco still makes them but they are remanufactured, like most of them. Mhas been flawless for over 4 years now. Agree with above post. Get whatever you can and install. At least it’s easy to get to.
  2. Tinstar

    M1101 Trailer Backing and Brakes Locking

    The M1101/2 trailers use a “FreeBack” backing plate made by Dexter. The M101A2/3 trailers did not have them, which is exactly why they have a hole for a Lockout pin. They are available for the M101A2/3 and work very well. I installed them on my M101A2 trailers. The shock probably isn’t the...
  3. Tinstar

    M1000 Trailer

    I like the insight of things I’m intrigued with and know nothing about. I knew about the CG issues but that’s about it.
  4. Tinstar

    M1000 Trailer

    Great pic! The guys standing next to the trailer really provide scale and show just how big that thing is.
  5. Tinstar

    M720 pump replacement or rebuild

    I would recommend cleaning the best you can with a wire brush/wheel.
  6. Tinstar

    What did you do to your trailer today.

    Should be good in reusing your bearings. Races might be a different story since their not easily removed. Their not expensive luckily. Dexter or Redline should have a new hub.
  7. Tinstar

    M149A1 Water Buffalo with A2 Tank.

    Pic of inside tank was during filling and before I scrubbed the dust from the bottom.
  8. Tinstar

    M149A1 Water Buffalo with A2 Tank.

    I was looking at eBay at the right moment and bought a NOS set of brake cables for $25. The originals were too stretched to save. I towed it around almost full yesterday for a few miles on backroads. Wow.......Huge difference. Even being 90-95% full, you can feel the water sloshing around...
  9. Tinstar

    M149A1 Water Buffalo with A2 Tank.

    I decided that it’s not worth the time and expense to install a surge brake actuator as I originally wanted. It will almost never be on a public road and when/if it does, it will only be for 7 miles of backroads to my families ranch. I’m very happy how it turned out and it is now ready to...
  10. Tinstar

    M149A1 Water Buffalo with A2 Tank.

    Well it’s all finished except for stenciling. Tows great empty around town and does really well when full around the ranch. Truck was in 4L when towing it this morning around the ranch. Up and down hills were comfortable. I know when it’s half full it will be a completely different story and...
  11. Tinstar

    m1102 bed anchors ..? might have them. It’s a standard pocket tie-down. I just saw some for sale a few days ago when searching for something else. Can’t remember now what site it was. The manufacturers almost always never deal with individuals/civilians.
  12. Tinstar

    Replacement Fast/High Idle Solenoid?

    A warning is not an infraction
  13. Tinstar

    Dechrome and or paint locking hubs

    A coat of zinc chromate will etch into the chrome and provide a great base for paint. It’s available in rattle cans
  14. Tinstar

    M116A3 Fix-up & Conversion Thread

    Looks good! Your little helper is ready to go also it seems!
  15. Tinstar

    Replacement Fast/High Idle Solenoid?

    A huge lot of NOS ones were on GovPlantet recently. Those on eBay could be from that. Excellent info I bought two myself at $60 each. Use the best offer feature.
  16. Tinstar

    Losing fuel prime many things done already, still won't run unless bled

    Again, until you replace all the rubber lines, every single one, your wasting your time. That should have been one of the very first things done to the truck.
  17. Tinstar

    M1010 heater removal and replacement door needed.

    Post your part needs in the parts wanted section
  18. Tinstar

    Replacement Fast/High Idle Solenoid?

    A sizable lot of them just sold out on eBay. I intended to buy one for a spare, forgot about it and missed out. Amazon used to have them but that is no longer the case.
  19. Tinstar

    Fuel filter drain leaking

    I second the o-ring. The spin-on filter takes up too much real estate for me. Original design still works just fine. The original fuel filters are plentiful and easy to replace.
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