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  1. Josh

    Harbor Freight/Northern Tool welders???

    Unless there is a Walmart around the average joe now adays wants lowest bid. After my dad watched the first spaceshuttle blow up, he will never go with the lowest bid. He instilled that belief in me, that the lowest bid, useally isnt the best bid. I'm proud to say I've only been inside a Walmart...
  2. Josh

    Harbor Freight/Northern Tool welders???

    As far as I know. Most of there stuff is made in PA. I know the pliers are, but other thing I cant say for sure.
  3. Josh

    Harbor Freight/Northern Tool welders???

    The only things I buy from HF are things I wont use everyday, or 1 time uses. I bought alot of my offroad lights for my trucks at HF, and replaced the bulb with a good one. If the housing breaks (with I've broken some hitting rocks/trees.) I'm out 10 bucks to go replace it, Vs 100's had I bought...
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