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  1. enem178

    How I moved the 803 to the rear yard ALONE.

    Let me start by saying....I don't plan on moving this thing again for a very long time! LOL Ok It took me some time to decide exactly where I wanted to place it. I ultimately decided to take a corner of the fire pit area. I really didn't want to sacrifice any grass and the pit was already there...
  2. enem178

    Solar trickle Charger

    Anyone have a part# or recommendation for a solar trickle charger I can use to keep the batteries on the 803 charged while not in use? I know some had panels installed but I wasn’t so lucky. Also does it HAVE to be a 24v charger or can I use a 12v charger hooked up to one battery and charge...
  3. enem178

    Question regarding wiring on the panel side

    I'm running 6/4 type w cord running from the 803a to a 50a generator inlet. My question is regarding the ground wire. I know the neutral (white) wire connects to the neutral bar. Do I attach the ground (green) wire to the neutral bar also or should I connect to the point where the box is...
  4. enem178

    How I removed Genset from wooden skid without hoist.

    When my MEP 803 was delivered, I wasn’t expecting it to be on a wooden skid. The driver only had a pallet jack so he couldn’t take the generator off the skid. It’s nothing special but I thought I’d share how I removed the skid without a hoist. While you won’t need a hoist, you will need 4 jack...
  5. enem178

    New MEP 803 Owner (So far very happy)

    I won an auction on Govplanet about a mouth ago for a 803a. It was just delivered today and so far I'm very happy. The unit indeed looks to have only 14hrs on it. I don't know how common it is, but it also came with the manuals and 2 red top batteries. Im sure the batteries are old but look to...
  6. enem178

    Anyone with a 803A in Jersey that I could hear in person??

    I'd like to hear what the genset sounds like in person before I go ahead and pick one up. Ive heard them on youtube but Im sure they sound different in person. So if anyone in the area doesn't mind firing theirs up for a few mins i'd appreciate it. Ron
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