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  1. cucvrus

    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    I am currently involved in the repair of an M1009. I do several repairs each year to customers CUCV's. I have decided to post the repairs. This M1009 belongs to a return customer and is in decent condition. It was brought to me with a leaking fuel tank. I was going to make it easy on myself and...
  2. cucvrus

    2 1/2" Pillow Block Bearing

    I need a 2 1/2" pillow block bearing. Be nice if it were greasable. Do you have one around you are not using and could part with. Give me a price. It is for my Jaw Crusher.
  3. cucvrus

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    Been a while since I started my hidden treasure. It is a 1984 M1009 with 12,674 miles on it. Been under cover stashed for 20 years. I cleaned it really well and removed everything so it did not sit with dirt and critters living in it. I have it since about 1996 I think. If I had it to over again...
  4. cucvrus

    CUCV to Canada

    How does one go about sending/exporting a CUCV into Canada from Pennsylvania. And can the man just pay me and leave? I will transfer the title here before he leaves. Will he be able to cross the border from USA to Canada with a full military CUCV? What will I need to do? Any educated answers. No...
  5. cucvrus

    Some old CUCV pictures I found in my office

    I have a whole box of CUCV's I found in my office filing cabinet. I have an office off the master bedroom that I seldom use. I was looking for some of my World War II German items and stumbled across some pictures of CUCV trucks I resurrected from the mid to late 90's. Keep in mind these trucks...
  6. cucvrus

    OLD wreckage pictures from 2004

    I was on my way to work with one of my perfect condition M1028's. The 1991 Chevy ran the red light. At the time this truck had about 5K miles on it.
  7. cucvrus

    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    After sitting wrecked in the field for 10 years I am going to pull this M1009 in and tear it down to the bare bones. Body looks great. Some minor rust. I rebuilt this M1009 back in 2006-2007. It was done about 2-3 months and my Son wrecked it in the Marine Reserve parking lot. I trailered it...
  8. cucvrus

    25 Micron oil filter

    I found a filter in a box of CUCV parts I purchased. It has a logo and says 25 microns. It looks like it would fit an oil filter on the 6.2. Is 25 Microns to small for an oil filter? Asking. Don't know thought I would ask. I would like to use it. Don't want to waste it. It is in plastic sealed.
  9. cucvrus

    Gen 1 Gen 2 V belts

    I was looking over my Mule M1009 and noted the V belts on Gen 1 & Gen 2 were a little chewed up. I have had a bit of belt squeal recently. I choose to remove the belts and replace them. They were both at MAX adjustment. Most belts I buy just from the listed CUCV application list are almost at...
  10. cucvrus

    MR Rusty

    I can not find the Mr Rusty thread. Any help?
  11. cucvrus

    Fall 2017 Rausch Creek Off Road Park

    Good Morning. Looking to see if anyone is interested in an Off Road adventure at Rausch Creek Off Road Park this fall. We are getting together again for a fun day in the sun or rain. Perhaps snow. What ever comes our way. Just testing the waters now and we have not set a...
  12. cucvrus

    Slight whiff of hot wiring smell

    Recently I have experienced a smell of hot wires. My Mule M1009 is 100% stock. No modifications/bypasses at all to the wiring harness. 9All LED lighting is only non stock electrical). I checked all the obvious things of course. I was under the dash I checked the OEM starter relay all is well at...
  13. cucvrus

    M1010 Mark Body Company storage sheds

    Back in the early to mid 90's I had access to a few M1010's that a friend was buying and we were stripping them out and making plow trucks out of. I have 4 of these bodies on my property that I use for storage and have anything from lawn mowers, paint, tires, wheels, parts to motorcycles in...
  14. cucvrus

    CUCV Steering wheel

    Anyone ever seen a steering wheel like this in a CUCV. I am talking OEM? I have seen 2 so far in the past 30 years. I know this one was original. I have it for the past 20 years. My Son put a tilt column in his truck today. Ever seen that type of steering wheel? We have had that one for years...
  15. cucvrus

    CUCV oil cooler lines from NAPA

    I have a customer that is dropping off his M1008. He wants NAPA oil cooler lines put on it. He sent me the cooler lines and will be dropping the truck off. he had called me and ask me if I would do the job his were leaking. I said yes I could replace them. Do the Balkamp NAPA lines fit. I have...
  16. cucvrus

    My CUCV Clone M0009

    I bought a body from a 1974 Chevrolet K5 Blazer. It is the model with the complete removable top. This is an easy conversion as I have a few M1009's setting unfinished. This looks like an easy modification and I think it will be pretty cool and unique. I was unable to access the site for the...
  17. cucvrus

    Easter find M1008 2015

    and the Easter find M1008. Today is the day. I will be pulling this fine ride into the garage and going at it hard. Torch and air tools going wild. i will post pictures later. Stay tuned for further updates as the develop.
  18. cucvrus

    A gathering of CUCV's and an empty garage.

    This weekend was a great time. My family kicked in and helped out. We have all the CUCV's running, cleaned up and serviced. Full Fleet back on the road again. Now I have an empty garage for an hour or so. But long enough for everyone to help sweep and clean up the entire garage. Sadly one of...
  19. cucvrus

    Severely disabled HMMWV adopted

    I have adopted a HMMWV M998 that has severe engine problems. And the worst part is I did not cause the problems or disassemble the parts from the engine. I know my way around a CUCV a little. Any way let me introduce you to my adopted HMMWV. Not bad from this point of viewThe problem was it was...
  20. cucvrus

    Locked Up 6.2 Diesel

    Any tricks to get the 6.2 diesel out when it is locked up tight? I have the heads and pan off 5 connecting rod caps disconnected, all the main bearings and caps removed, the timing chain and gear. It is basically a block. I would not fuss so much but I could get 5 of the 6 torque converter...
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