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  1. Atwater

    Gun Truck Brutus.

    history is one big reason why i plan on acquiring a Vietnam era truck and doing a period correct restoration after i close on my shop/house.:-)
  2. Atwater

    Upgrading a CUCV's max towing capacity?

    my 08 with a nv4500 pulling a gooseneck grosses somewhere around 17000 a couple times a year. On flat ground it's fine, any hill is a problem. The truck stops the rig just as well as my fathers 97 f350. I do plan on installing a 5.9 cummins to solve the hill problem. :driver:
  3. Atwater

    Reviving the 83 ford with LDS 5 ton drive line

    im guessing the garden hose coming from under the dash is a rigged up ether injection port? I've seen the time something like that could be handy.
  4. Atwater

    Truck wants to go faster when towing a trailer

    my 08 with the nv4500 seems like it does get better fuel economy if i wind it out more in each gear and cruise at about 60 as apposed to driving like a little old lady.:driver:
  5. Atwater

    6.2 diesel engine block question

    not sure about anyone selling new 6.2 blocks but it looks like 6.5 blocks are around. it does not sound like a cheap deal. ever think about just ordering a complete rebuilt 6.5 with all the updates + turbo? again not cheap but would eliminate a lot of hassle. cheapest thing though would be...
  6. Atwater

    nv4500 swap

    85-87 1/2 ton to 1 tons, 88- 91 1tons. basically as long as it is still the square body style after 85 the pedals should be ok.
  7. Atwater

    Installed Turbo, 12v conversion Serp belt lots more

    gotta watch those k-cars sometimes , last one i rode in would break the tires loose at 50+..... granted it was seeing around 20psi......:shock:
  8. Atwater

    700R4 Driveshafts

    if the 700 is longer i would think the shaft length would have to be changed2cents. how much longer is the 700?
  9. Atwater

    What has your 6.2 pulled ? MPG's ??

    with the 5 speed i get 17-18 typically empty and 12.5 mpg grossing somewhere around 15-16k seems like it tends to want to be wound out rather than be babied along. 60mph seems to be the sweet spot for cruising. 2cents
  10. Atwater

    CUCV Hood stack

    i believe there is a m1008 in the classifieds with a turbo + hood stack
  11. Atwater

    onboard compressor

    for trips i just throw my portable gas powered compressor in behind the cab. leaves plenty of space for the goose-neck hitch and has plenty of air to run just about anything2cents
  12. Atwater

    What did I stumble on, Deuce or 5-Ton??

    probably a good thing i saw that listing today instead of Friday aua:shock::shock::shock:
  13. Atwater

    going to look at a 1008

    heater cores are not too bad. good idea on the fluids, then you know where you are:wink: personally while i like my 08, for regular use i would prefer something much newer.
  14. Atwater

    going to look at a 1008

    well dont mean to be a pain but just about any thing you would look for on any 25 year old truck. ;) if the wiring looks to have been modified much run away2cents
  15. Atwater

    New Steel Soldier from NY

    welcome and thank you for your service.
  16. Atwater

    Is a CUCV right for me?

    depends on what you want to tow and how fast. a 6.2 is still only 155hp no matter how you gear it.2cents
  17. Atwater

    Is a CUCV right for me?

    i have grossed around 15,000 with my 08 (5 speed manual swap). best to have lots of time and no hills. i would recommend a turbo if you dont want to swap engines. if you want to stay with a diesel i would suggest swapping in a 5.9 cummins. if money is no object how about a duramax:drool:
  18. Atwater

    Going to live in my deuce in Oklahoma....

    one recommendation on the new possible living arrangement. just to be sure everyone is on the same page you might want to sit down with them and write up some sort of house rules. ie what is expected of each person2cents
  19. Atwater

    Adding spout to 55 gallon steel barrel.

    3/4 pipe threads into vent hole... tip the barrel on its side.2cents
  20. Atwater

    Possibly bringing home a M1008

    i paid $4500 for a bone stock m1008 rust free after taxes and was happy. adding a turbo could cost up over $2000. a well done 8" lift could come close to that too. what you offer i think has more to do with what you can afford.2cents
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