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  1. ageregunner

    Finally bypassed the FDC in my deuce.

    Last week I bypassed the FDC in my 1971 M35A2. Today I finally got to take it out on a test run to see if the differences described in several Steel Soldiers posts, would apply to my truck. The difference in hill pulling was simply unbelievable. Hills that made me downshift all the way down...
  2. ageregunner

    Tire positioning on deuce by tread wear.

    I know I saw something on this subject a while back, but I haven't been able to find it. On a deuce, where should the tires be mounted according to tread wear? I am pretty sure that the best should be on the front axle, but when talking about the rear axles, how would one position the tires...
  3. ageregunner

    New Deuce Maiden Voyage..

    Back in September I acquired a 1971 AM General M35A2C w/w. For the next two months I studied the manuals, gained loads of information from SS, did a pretty thorough PM, and added a few accessories to the truck. Feeling ready, I applied for a PA antique plate, and purchased insurance. Today...
  4. ageregunner

    New Member From Pennsylvania

    Hello all. I just joined and live in Breinigsville, PA. I just purchased a MEP-002A generator and have always had the hots for military vehicles. Perhaps a surplus truck will be next. My initial reaction to this website is.............WOW!! Now to convince my wife that a sixty year old needs...
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