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  1. Tow4

    M939 Series and M915A1 Transmission Gear Range Selector Repair/Mod

    I noticed a gear shift problem early on with my M929 being slow to go into reverse. It felt like the selector was not going all the way into the reverse position. I discovered that one of the 4 screws that go into the side of the shift tower right below the plastic bezel was too long. Shortening...
  2. Tow4

    Testing the Alternator on the Vehicle

    A lot of people have problems with the CUCV charging system and I have been posting to individual threads in an effort to help people with alternator charging problems. Since I find myself posting the same thing over and over, I decided to put together a short thread on how to test the...
  3. Tow4

    Number of Posts Viewed on a Page

    Is there any way to increase the number of posts viewed on a page? Less time spent looking for the "next page" button and more time reading would be nice. You could increase the number to 40 I believe with the old website software.
  4. Tow4

    Installing a Delco 30SI alternator in a M915A1

    About 6 months ago the 24 volt transformer rectifier on my M915A1’s alternator quit working. Since the only thing 24 volts (other than the military trailer lights) on this truck is the starter, I didn’t worry about it and just put the second set of batteries in the series chain on charge...
  5. Tow4

    Thanks James, aka, Floridianson

    My M373 trailer is missing a couple of brake system parts. As it turns out, James is in the process of changing his M373's axle. He didn't need the brake parts any more and graciously offered to give them to me. I made the trip to Interlachen yesterday and picked them up. James also threw in a...
  6. Tow4

    CUCV Alternator Rebuild

    On the way to the Georgia Rally this year my driver side alternator started over charging. I stopped to check it and at idle the charge was normal but the voltage increased as the rpms did getting to 17+ volts. After checking connections I disconnected the B+ wire off the back of the alternator...
  7. Tow4

    Ray and Ray’s next Adventure

    Ray and Ray’s next Adventure Well, this is a little after the fact because I don’t have internet where I am now unless I go into town. I won a M373A2 from Ft. Stewart in early June, two days before I was leaving to go to North Carolina for the summer. There was no EUC on this auction so after...
  8. Tow4

    M915A1 Trailer Air Supply Valve Operation

    Reading through the M915A1 -10 TM, I see the tractor parking brakes have to be released before the trailer air supply valve can supply air to the trailer. I did verify that mine works this way. I imagine either the military had this requirement, or that's the way trailer air systems worked in...
  9. Tow4

    Capacitive Battery Charger

    A couple of weeks ago I found the batteries in my M915 dead. I had been out of town for a couple of months and the last time I started it was back in August. I checked battery voltages and the 2 batteries that are in parallel for the 12 volt tap were dead only showing a couple of volts each...
  10. Tow4

    Ray and Ray's Road Trip

    I've been looking around for a M915A1 for a few months and I decided I needed (wanted) one with an air ride seat and A/C. I had talked with Ray previously about going with me to pickup a truck if I won one. Well, a few weeks ago I won one in LA. After the paper work cleared, Ray and I got...
  11. Tow4

    Allison Transmission Manuals

    Allison transmission operators manual and mechanics tips manual including MT654CR.
  12. Tow4

    Transfering a Permanent Antique Tag in Florida

    I sold my Deuce in early 2012 and kept the permanent antique tag. When I bought the M1028A2 later in 2012, I tried to transfer the permanent antique tag from the Deuce to it (RS-25, the procedure that covers ex-MVs says any tag office can do the transfer) and the local tag office couldn't make...
  13. Tow4

    Picked up a M929 at Pineville, LA

    I won a M929 a couple of weeks ago at Pineville, LA. So last week a buddy went with me to pick it up. I think all of the trucks in the auction ran with or without a jump and looked to be in pretty good condition. I scheduled the pickup for Wednesday, so we drove up to Alexandria, LA on...
  14. Tow4

    New Stencils

    I'm getting ready to paint my M1028A2, so I made up some stencils today. I thought I would do a test to see how they work. I'm painting the truck so I didn't try to line it up with the current marking. I did a quick alignment with the bumper and slapped it on then masked around it. I'm very...
  15. Tow4

    M275 Pictures

    I took these pictures of a couple of M275s a few weeks ago while I was on a trip. Several people have or are working on deuce tractors so this might help (sorry it took so long for me to get them posted Ray). One thing that surprised me is these M275s don't have a spare tire carrier. I don't...
  16. Tow4

    What Is This?

    Driving from Reno, NV to Boston, MA this week I stopped in Wendover, NV for gas. While I'm filling up I look over the wall into a casino parking lot and see what looks like a tank sitting on a trailer. I obviously had to go have a closer look. After closer inspection I think this is probably...
  17. Tow4

    Loose Ground Wire Passenger Side Engine Harness

    I need help Identifying a loose wire on my M1028A2. It looks like a ground wire to me and I don't see any obvious place it should be attached. The wire is coming out of the passenger side engine harness near the firewall right over the rear most injector. I checked wiring diagrams in TM...
  18. Tow4

    Engine Oil used in TH400 instead of Dexron

    Has anybody found engine oil used in the TH400 transmission of their CUCV instead of Dexron? I know they use engine oil in some of the big truck automatics but I didn't expect to find it in a CUCV.
  19. Tow4

    Front Spring U-bolts Loose

    I pressure washed the Deuce today and afterwards did an inspection front to back. I look at everything from suspension to drive train, brakes, oil drain plugs :gimp:, etc When I was checking the front axle springs and u-bolts I noticed the lock washers on the spring u-bolts did not look fully...
  20. Tow4

    Replaced Steering Knuckle Boots

    I replaced the steering knuckle boots on the Deuce today and had a couple of observations. First, when I got the truck I noticed the zippers always leaked a bit. Not a problem, it wasn't much so I didn't worry about it. Recently the passenger side zipper blew out so I figured now's the time to...
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