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  1. jmenende

    Glow plug controller lights

    Howdy folks. Happy 4th of July to all. Im having issues with my glow plug system. The controller has the leds staying on after ignition is off with keys out. This drains my battery. Also, when i connect the positive pole it immediately arcs and starts cycling the glow plug relay unit ot warms...
  2. jmenende

    M1078 towing question

    Howdy folks. Im thinking of towing a few hmmwv with an m1078a1 and tow bar. The manual says the pintle can handle 12k lbs and the humvee is under 6500 lbs. Is the tow bar all thats needed? Im really a newbie when it comes to towing so any suggestions help. Just to clarify, this is just an...
  3. jmenende

    Looking for CUCV mechanic in Ga Fl area

    Howdy gang. Looking for a good mechanic to send an m1008 thats been sitting for a while. Georgia or Fl area. Thanks
  4. jmenende

    Muffler issues

    Howdy gang! Got an issue with an mep 007b. The gasket that holds the muffler in place and stops it from rattling is gone. I found the gasket (71-4396) in the manual but its no where to be found online. Anyone have an idea on how to keep it centered?
  5. jmenende

    M1008 throttle issue

    Howdy. Just installed by freshly rebuilt pump but the she is running a bit high on rpm. I can manually put the finger on the throttle lever and she will go down to the correct idle speed. I ruled out the pump weights since she spring back into position. I oiled my throttle cable and the...
  6. jmenende

    Cucv negative vacuum pressure

    Howdy. Just noticed my vacuum lines and they are flat as if the negative pressure is collapsing them. Could it be a bad pump or bad hoses. Those hoses were there when I got my m1008 but im gonna swap them just in case. Any suggestions on what hoses to use?
  7. jmenende

    Mep 802/803 Exhaust flaps.

    Any flaps for sale. Looking for more than one.
  8. jmenende

    So I turboed an Mep 803a

    Howdy folks. This is just a joke since I saw one of those old electric car turbo ads and got some inspiration. I must report that there were no noticeable performance improvements. Hope you all enjoy your memorial day weekend. 🍻
  9. jmenende

    Mep 803a dropping loads

    Howdy. Im working on an mep 803a thats dropping loads for no reason. Im loadbanking it to 10kw amd it runs with no issued for about 8 mins and then drops the load. The idiot lights work but none turn on when the loads drop. Btw, the percent rated current is displaying 133% at 10kw but that may...
  10. jmenende

    Looking to transport this from Lysle Tx to Madison Ga

    Looking to transport this from Lysle Tx to Madison Ga. Anybody have space?
  11. jmenende

    Mep 802/3a lift pump issue

    Alright guys. I just took out the lift pump off a unit that even had the tappet stuck. That said, the issue is the pump fell apart when i took it out. The clamp, spring and piston just fell out. I cant get the piston to stay in and comes right out when i put in the spring and detente. I does not...
  12. jmenende

    Breaker help

    Hello Gents. Im having an issue with this breaker in a mep 009b. I have already taken off the contactor close mechanism thats sits on top amd openned the units. The issue is that it will not stay in the closed position even after manually operating it. Any suggestions. reaker
  13. jmenende

    Oldest Mep 803a

    Looks like I just landed the oldest mep 803a. Must have been the sample they sent. 🤣 Yes, it was refurb at letterkeny in 01 and they swapped plates.
  14. jmenende

    Does anyone have a Mep 009b?

    Howdy folks. Im in a bit of a bind and need some pics of the wiring to s3 and the breaker contactor. My 007b was messed with and does not work properly.
  15. jmenende

    Is there a performance oil pan for the m1008?

    Howdy boys. Looking to upgrade the oil pan on my m1008. Any ideas.
  16. jmenende

    Mep 804a overspeed issues

    So this is the first time i have seen this issue and I wonder if any of you have run across the same problem. Got an 804a i just got running and it starts up no issues. The moment i hit the contactor close i sense a small draw in power but nothing is connected. If i then open the contactor i get...
  17. jmenende

    Mep 007b Circuit Breaker

    Anyone have the circuit breaker assembly for the mep 007b? Made by Dsquare part# 63030-211-50.
  18. jmenende

    Anybody parting out an 804a?

    Howdy. Im looking for the alternator and bottom mount for an mep 804a. Let me know if anyone has one.
  19. jmenende

    Mep 009b need oil filter housings

    Howdy. Just picked up this mep 009b and im missing both oil filters.
  20. jmenende

    Mep 007b fuel filler elbow

    Howdy folks. Im looking for a fuel filler elbow for the mep 007b. I have included a foto of the item. Thanks
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