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  1. captcarc

    Glow Plug Warm-up

    I have a nice '86 HMMWV driven regularly with only 9,000 miles. I drove it yesterday and it was fine. Today, the WAIT light won't do out and it will only turn over and not start even after waiting a couple of minutes. It's 65 degrees out so I'd think it would start anyway but... Thoughts...
  2. captcarc

    Air Leak Noise?

    Even though I just finished cosmetically restoring my '83 HMMWV, I've not driven it much. Driving it the last two nights, it has issued an air leak noise about which I'm inquiring. After driving it at 55mph for about 15 minutes, I hear a prolonged air leak noise almost like an extended turbo...
  3. captcarc

    CID Panel - wanted - hood

    Hello. I am looking for a HMMWV hood CID panel. I already have the bracket. Thank you!
  4. captcarc

    HMMWV Scissors Jack Dimensions

    Does anyone know if the HMMWV Scissors Jack will fit under the back seat, either raised or collapsed? Or overall length dimensions, raised and collapsed will help as well. Thank you!
  5. captcarc

    Geared Hub Oil Change

    I have drained the oil from two of my geared hubs and they contained about 6 oz. each and seemed to be diluted with diesel. (A lot of leakage? seemed to be visible on both hubs and inner wheels.) I was told that the breather tube is a flaw and should be cut high and capped to avoid drawing...
  6. captcarc

    X-door Scratched "Glass" Fix

    I've read other fixes for the scratched glass x-door inners including replacing. After disassembly, the total thickness of the laminated window was 3/8". I was thinking that the outer layer was 3/16" glass and the inner layer was 3/16" plastic, but this was incorrect. There are two glass...
  7. captcarc

    X-doors Plastic Inner Windows

    I'm sure that most everyone with X-doors has scratches on the inner clear plastic windows. Without really looking into it, pun intended, I believe that the windows have a glass outer and a plastic (polycarbonate?) inner. I would think that I can remove the inner plastic sheet to have clear...
  8. captcarc

    HMMWV Mysteries

  9. captcarc

    Considering '86 HMMWV

    Hello! I have owned a deuce and currently own a 5-ton, but have no experience with HUMVEE's. A nice one for sale caught my eye, and '86 with 4 metal doors and soft top, in great (looking) shape. What's a reasonable price range and should I be looking at a newer rig? Thank you in advance for...
  10. captcarc

    NHC250 M934 Coolant Leak

    Hello. My NHC250 powered M934 has a coolant leak from the bottom of the "heater core box"? I see that the two coolant hoses from the box have thumbscrews at the block. Since I don't use the heater, can I just turn both thumbscrews all the way in to take the heater off-line, stopping the leak...
  11. captcarc

    5-ton NHC250 Injector Pump

    About a year ago I had the fuel injector pump replaced on my 5-ton NHC250 because the truck was barely running and had a minor leak at the injector pump "weep hole". Now it's running bad again with a much worse leak at the weep hole on the rebuilt pump. The truck probably has less than 20...
  12. captcarc

    Charging batteries

    Knowing that I have 12v batteries in my 24v 5-ton, to charge them with my 12v charger, do I have to disconnect any battery leads or can I charge one battery at a time while they are connected and in place? Thank you!
  13. captcarc

    M939 NHC240 Fuel Delivery Issue

    My 5-ton has not run well for awhile, sometimes seeming to starve for fuel or losing prime. A couple of days ago, it stalled and woudn't restart. Yesterday, cleaned fuel lines, removed fuel filter and can blow fuel from tank to injector pump. Reconnected everything and still won't run, except...
  14. captcarc

    S-L-O-W M934 Expansable

    Just curious. My M934 Expansable is extremely underpowered and getting worse. I used to think that bogging down to under 40 for a very slight incline was lousy, but now it's 30. It's got the NHC250 normally aspirated. I have nothing to compare it to and am curious about other expansable...
  15. captcarc

    M934 Expansible Tire Pressures

    Hello. I have an M934 Expansible with ABS but without super singles or CTIS. So there are 10 tires on the rig. What air pressure should I run in the tires, especially the fronts? Thank you very much!
  16. captcarc

    Interstate MTP65 Battery Advice

    I have a M934 Expansible with the NHC250 Cummins. Needing to get this rig moved 90 miles YESTERDAY, my 2 x Hawkers chose the worst time to let me down. On this site, one member stated that he's had great luck with using 2 x Interstate MTP65 batteries in several of his trucks. I've located 2...
  17. captcarc

    5-ton service to hire

    Greetings! I have a 5-ton with NHC-250 in Arlington, Texas. I don't have time to work on it and have two systems needing service before I drive it 90 miles to my new house. Fuel: It drove well until sitting for 6 months and critters may have chewed a fuel line. It has a leak when running...
  18. captcarc

    Arlington Texas 5-Ton Mechanic Needed

    Full-time job limits the time I have to work on my M939 and, honestly, I'd rather work on the expansible back then systems up front. Right now I have fuel delivery and low power issues as well as compressed air leak issues. I'd sure like to find a mechanic local to Arlington Texas that could...
  19. captcarc

    M934 Air Leak

    Hi Heavy Iron Friends. I haven't had time to really dig into this air leak problem, but wanted to write where I am with it and seek advise and direction. My M934 with ABS takes longer all the time to build-up air pressure but can be coaxed with revs to reach 120# on primary and secondary...
  20. captcarc

    Air pressure light and alarm won't turn off

    Hello. A minor, but noisy, new issue just popped up on my M934. Even after primary and secondary air pressures build well past 60psi, the air pressure light and buzzer won't cease like they always have. (Parking brake is off.) Thoughts? Thanks!
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