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  1. sarge62

    Can’t get a new radiator replacement M1008

    I’ve been trying to source a new radiator for my truck. They don’t seem to be available anymore. Does anybody have an idea as to where to get a new radiator for these trucks?
  2. sarge62

    Gen 2 light (again)

    I have been fighting the gen 2 light all day. Thought I had a bad diode trio but it tested good when I pulled the alternator apart. What didn't test good was the rotor windings so i got a new one and put it in along with the new diode trio i already had. The local starter/alternator repair...
  3. sarge62

    4 ways activate electric trailer brakes

    I have an m1008 that I removed the military plug and installed the 7 round civilian plug. When I use the 4 way flashers the electric trailer brakes activate. I would really like to be able t use the 4 ways when climbing hills and this truck has a hard enough time climbing with a load at...
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