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  1. Lothar

    KS Collection needs real Museum! Will donate Large NBC/ Chemical Warfare Collection to the right place. This gentleman has an awesome museum that he never stops adding to. It might be a good home for your collection. And may not be far from you. Here is a quick video that shows a fraction of his museum. The tour is quite impressive and well worth the trip.
  2. Lothar

    N. Denver MSA - Looking for a mechanic and body work shop for a M1045A2 These guys work on my M-998. And this outfit will do the bodywork.
  3. Lothar

    Any tips removing hydraulic winch motor?

    Trying to replace the hydraulic motor in my M35A3. The motor is really seized in there. Pounded some wedges in and have sprayed PB blaster. Nowhere to put a torch that would help. Figured I'd ask around to see if anyone had other ideas.
  4. Lothar

    My FAV find!!

    Very cool indeed. Congratulations!👍👍
  5. Lothar

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    This may be what you are looking for.
  6. Lothar

    Jack Rails

    Looks good, nice work. 3/8" you can ski over the rocks now. I was going to add the same advise with a slight difference. We usually use a portable bandsaw for cutting angle iron or a cutting disk if one isn't available. But cutting a V groove in the inside leg keeps the bend straight. Adds...
  7. Lothar

    Welding on rockwell axles

    Preheat and 7018 rod, your guy should have no problems.
  8. Lothar

    Dongfeng doors on Humvee

    Agreed, the Russian doors are complete garbage.
  9. Lothar

    best way to fully remove rear hub covers to access spindle nuts?

    The metod I use is to loosen the nut so it is still covering the end of the threads. Then floor jack it until it pops out.
  10. Lothar

    Stripped Geared Hub Drain Plug...good extraction methods?

    You may be able to trim the tip off of a spiral easy out until you reach the right diameter, and tap it into the stripped hole. With a little bit of heat to the casing and a lucky bite from the easy out, you could have it fixed for a few dollars.
  11. Lothar

    M998 with Brush Guard - any off the shelf options for winch mount?

    It mounts with the existing shackle bolt holes and 2 holes you will have to drill in the back side of the crossmember.
  12. Lothar

    M998 with Brush Guard - any off the shelf options for winch mount?

    Well I don't have the pictures on my phone any more but they are here in this thread. My truck has a body lift so there won't be the gap between the body and plate on your truck. And you will be able to see the plate on the truck with and without brushguard in the photos...
  13. Lothar

    M998 with Brush Guard - any off the shelf options for winch mount?

    I have an aftermarket winch plate I think was from Plan B. They don't blast their stuff or soften sharp corners before powder coating so the coating is peeling. It has cutouts that many flush mount lights will fit. I even have a set of those lights that I could part with as well. If you are...
  14. Lothar

    Some welding trucks for your perusal

    A little gas pipe welding in downtown Denver today.
  15. Lothar

    So... this happened today....

    Glad to hear she's free. And I agree with Bestprez45, its still a cool picture despite being stuck.
  16. Lothar

    So... this happened today....

    Looks like you've got plans for the rest of the day. Good luck
  17. Lothar


    I personally think all of Predator Inc.'s offerings are overpriced. I drive a Duramax converted truck daily. It hauls a ton or more of gear. It only received the 10k halfshafts (OEM) in the rear and still has original 7s up front. 35k miles on the conversion. No halfshaft problems. Generally, I...
  18. Lothar

    CUCV 383 Green Paint

    Hey, while we're on the subject... are you using a hardener additive?
  19. Lothar

    My truck got a small part in a movie..

    Looks like a show I would enjoy. Good lookin truck.
  20. Lothar


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