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  1. militarysteel

    Junk Air-Packs

    how many of you had issues with your air pac locking up on ya? we just when through 3 air packs, and the 3rd is not as bad, -- I'm thinking a lot of people have issues with these air packs.
  2. militarysteel

    The bobbed A3 worked out nice in the memorial day parade

    we got a lot of thumbs up, the A3 was a big hit. allison automatic just seems wrong , haha, everyone who owns A2 just drive a A3 at least once, its a different experience.
  3. militarysteel

    One Line Advice for First time MV owners.

    My one line advice for the M35A2 is this, * do not rev the engine until you get oil pressure * Here is one more only because i made this thread- * stay below 2500 RPM, its not about the destination, its about the ride. * Ok just one more- * Be nice to the GL people, being mean will get you...
  4. militarysteel

    +/- A3 vs A2 Comments!

    What the A3 has, the A2 does not. New Front End Allison Automatic Super Singles Muffler ABS CTIS Intercooler Air Steering New Seats Electric Wipers Features A2 has, A3 does not. Multifuel Engine Overdrive transmission Less expensive price tag More Quantity in stock Anything were forgetting...
  5. militarysteel

    A Electric Deuce, in a DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Base)?

    i have been doing some research on, the 150 square mile denver airport, and the possible DUMBs installations under it. I came across this military vehicle, that may be electric. What do you guys think about DUMBs, the information seems secretive. maybe i should stop my research before i get...
  6. militarysteel

    Massively out of balance parking break drum M35A2

    i changed the parking break drum, it was vibrating so bad it broke the rivets that hold the front engine mount to the frame! Has anyone else had this happen?
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