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  1. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    A and B pillar reinforcement for armored doors?

    After searching all of the parts TM's, I am unable to locate any diagram that shows reinforcement on the body side for piano style hinges. Can someone point me in the right direction in the TM (body side reinforcement) to mount heavy doors, share some pictures, or a source for parts. I found...
  2. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    I need help with MAK, Marine armor kit

    Hello, I am trying to finish a 4 door MAK kit and have been unable to find any documentation (parts list or instructions) on it or even who made it. I have searched the TM's and SS with no luck (afterthought armor). My understanding is that the door use the same door latching set that the...
  3. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Another "fuel pump" question and a smoked $150 (I think) replacement pump

    So a few weeks ago my 802a ran out of diesel. After topping it off and cranking forever, I looked at the fuel filters, The were dry so I applied 24v directly to the transfer pump inside the side door above the battery. It did not move any fuel so I ordered a NOA Faucet square replacement...
  4. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Any professional HMMWV experts/companies near MCLB Albany?

    Hello, I am looking for a professional in the HMMWV business around MCLB Albany? I bought a non-runner and would like someone to bring it into their shop troubleshoot it? Preferably someone in an out of govplanet picking up trucks. I'm looking for options (fix there, drive home vs tow home...
  5. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Harris RF-3183 Ham 2m issues in Hmmwv

    So I bought the RF-3183 setup and cant get it to work with a Yeasu 2m radio. The Yeasu has a bnc adapter and is plugged in the VHF port on the antenna base. I have swapped radios, cables, vhp/uhf ports, swapped antenna bases (truck has two), grounded the antenna base, with no luck. I can...
  6. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Unknown straps by radio tray and SL3 gear layout?

    I was issued an m1097a2 for a short period of time before I out and it came with all kinds of new stuff. Like the jack mount by the tire and a max axe to replace the old pioneer rack. So 20 years later I am trying to setup my M1123 to have all of the accessories my old truck had. So my first...
  7. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    M1123 winch options

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what winch fits this plate? Is it a bolt in or does it require frame extensions/other modification. Thanks in advance!
  8. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Does GP now hose down trucks with paint just prior to auction?

    Over the last few weeks, I have noticed several 1123's at Barstow with terrible fresh paint jobs. Some have even included fresh footprints in the paint along with painted gravel. Someone is simply masking of the gauge/lights and painting over the dirt/rust. While most 1123's go for under 10k...
  9. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Lightning strikes twice!! Another starter mystrer

    So I spent a few hours yesterday swapping out my old starter by myself. The old starter worked always cold but once the truck reached operating temp, it would take a light precise hammer blow to the solenoid to start it. So I thought the solenoid was bad. So after the new to me (working take...
  10. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    How to get air to trailer handshank hookeup

    This could be a dumb question but I have hooked up my airhose to the handshake valve. Then Ive opened the valve next to the hankshake and nothing. I even got under the truck and followed to the line back the tank area looking for anothe valve. An I missing somthing? It there a hidden valve or...
  11. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Won a M185A3

    I decided it was time to move up from the trusty M1028. I was looking at M109'a or awhile and won this M185a3 from Barstow. I won it without inspecting it. I submitted my EUC on 3/25 and got approval today, the 31st. My 1st EUC took like a month so 4 working days is amazing. Now I plan to drive...
  12. M1028A1ShelterCarrier


    Attempted to start my M1028 today and there was no power sent to the starter. I went inside the house and had the keys in my pocket. A short time later while I was on the phone, I heard a truck cranking. After about twenty seconds, I still heard the cranking and I realized it was my truck. I...
  13. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    High Altitude testing.

    I went high up into the Sierra's today and it was very warm. I was worried about overheating due to the long steep climb from 7000 feet up to 10300 feet and dozens of switchbacks. The 6.2 held 200 degrees the entire trip. I learned that the switchbacks were built by jeepers and not by CUCV...
  14. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    What is this part??? 6.2 diesel related

    Found in my garage. Looks like a balancer?
  15. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    motor rebuilding piston and helicoil?

    Tore down my old 6.2 tonight for a rebuilding project. It had a blown head gasket and exhaust came out through the cooling system. First off, I noticed that on one side all the pistons were darker than the other. One of those piston looked like is had calcium deposits on its face. It came...
  16. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    M1030B1 resto complete pics at proving grounds

    This one is complete including the blackout drive light on top of the headlight. Does it look mean or what?
  17. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Dual Skyjacker steering stabilizer question? DANA 60 M1008/2

    So I got the kit the other day and it came with instructions for a two piece tie rod. Skyjacker confirmed that I have the right kit. I replace the factory shock with the skyjacker shock. I cant figuer out where/how the second shock mounts to the housing/ tie rod. Skyjacker said it goes on...
  18. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Weird ticking near oil pan/bell housing m1008/1028

    So the other day I decided to due some easy preventive maintenance and swapped the radiator. While taking of the oil cooler lines off the radiator, one of the hard lines crumbled. A hour job turned into a day project. To get the truck running until the replacement hard line arrived, I used...
  19. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    TX, Bowie, Hooks/Texarkana to Reno/ Sparks NV

    Trying to get five palletized engine containers to sparks NV. Any ideas would help. ThX
  20. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    6.2 diesel crate questions?

    I just won several 6.2's in TX and I need to know the auctual deminsions of the crate ofr shipping (I dont not trust GL). Does it have pallet holes so it can be moved with a pallet jack. Detailed pics of the crate would be appricated. Thanks in advance
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