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  1. US6x4

    Has anyone else ever seen this Western Star 6900XD?

    I didn't see a sub-forum in the present conflict section that applied, but everyone here loves METs and HETs so I'm curious if anyone knows if this Western Star 6900XD tank transporter ever participated in testing trials or anything? In another life, when I was a test engineer for DTNA we had...
  2. US6x4

    Finally! - 16.00R20s for my M813

    It's been a long time working up to them but I finally got these monster AT3As mounted on the MV of the year! Luckily I bought the whole package right after Christmas before tire prices went crazy and I've been slowly working on them since January 28... I chased every thread on all 7 rims by...
  3. US6x4

    Torque value for M939A2 combat wheel studs?

    I've been looking for the torque spec for the nuts that fasten the two halves of the A2 combat wheels with the 3/4" studs, but I haven't found anything. Does anyone know what the correct range is? Does it differ by brand of wheel?
  4. US6x4

    The perfect accessory for a 7-ton...

    A Navy SeAL Riverine Assault Boat (RAB). You would be the envy at any boat launch. They only want $395,000...what a steal!
  5. US6x4

    Vintage pics of M809s at Aberdeen Proving Ground

    These photos were discovered amongst the belongings of a former AM General salesman during his estate sale. They were packaged in a presentation binder in transparent page holders. Most of the dates listed are August 1970. Enjoy! If anyone knows of any videos of these tests I would love to...
  6. US6x4

    AM General's ATAC (All Terrain All Climate) M809 trucks?

    I just came across and bought these vintage print ads from 1981, 1982, & 1983 featuring what AM General was marketing as their ATAC lineup of trucks. It looks like they have CTIS like the next generation M923s came with. This looks like more than just a prototype test mule and it looks like a...
  7. US6x4

    Water temp gauge erratic when running, steady with engine off

    The title describes what I'm seeing which is a new behavior ever since I replaced the voltage regulator. The needle bounces back and forth from far left up to actual engine temp with the engine/alternator running. When I shut off the engine but keep the master switch on the temp gauge is...
  8. US6x4

    Alternator carnage!

    While disassembling my voltage regulator to replace it I found what looks like Apollo 1 and smells like the best materials that the EPA banned decades ago. It looks like the fire? originated at the #5 terminal and made everything else nice & crispy. This alternator still works pumping out 33.2...
  9. US6x4

    M813: Swap voltage regulator on the truck or off the truck?

    From the outside It looks as though I could replace the voltage regulator on my M813's alternator while installed on the truck but I'm not sure what I'll get into once the cover is off. Are the wires easily identified? Am I getting into a fool's errand by thinking of doing this while installed?
  10. US6x4

    Need torque spec for fuel button cover (PT pump)

    I need to know the torque specs for the (4) 1/4" bolts that secure the aluminum fuel button cover / housing to the PT pump. I can't find them anywhere - does anyone know?
  11. US6x4

    My co-worker's 1984

    My coworker doesn't do much online stuff but i thought you guys would like this one. It's his 3rd or 4th truck and it has 64" springs, 40" Nitto tires, original engine, but lots of suspension mods.
  12. US6x4

    My M813 gets a turbo!

    In an effort to compensate for the power loss of running 16.00-20s (still a future mod), I started accumulating parts for adding a turbo to my NHC-250. The direction I'm going is nothing new as @Lonnie has already laid the ground work for the turbo layout I'm using, but I was also inspired by...
  13. US6x4

    Questions about M809 technical manuals

    In regards to manuals printed in the early 70s versus the updated manuals from the mid-80s, what are the differences? Are the changes usually procedural or are they changes in parts/construction of the truck? Mostly interested in the -34 manuals. Also, is anyone familiar with a -35P manual?
  14. US6x4

    New wheel stud too short?

    I got some replacement wheel studs (p/n 7409554) for the left rear axle of my M813 from Erik's Military and they're about 1/4" shorter than the originals. Other sites list this same p/n for both the front & rear but they look like maybe they're fronts only? Can I run 2 of the 10 studs 1/4" short?
  15. US6x4

    Anyone regret adding or removing muffler after a turbo?

    For those that have added a turbo and left it straight piped do you have any regrets about the noise level or is it not too bad? For those that have added a turbo and left a muffler on it do you think it's too quiet? I'm mainly concerned about 809 trucks with the stack beside the windshield...
  16. US6x4

    Has anyone ever put Russian army truck tires on a 5 ton?

    Now before you get a McCarthyist twitch in your eye lids at the thought of communist parts on US machines I'm just talking about inanimate rings of rubber and besides, some Finnish howitzers look to wear the same tires. Russia has some knarly terrain and these seem to work well for them. One...
  17. US6x4

    Which Schwitzer 4LHR would best match the NHC-250?

    I want to add a pulse manifold and Schwitzer 4LHR to my stock engined M813 and I can't seem to find any technical info on the various 4LHR models such as 4LHR-733, -743, -773, etc. For you turbo guys out there which one would have the best wheel sizes to accentuate a 290-325 HP level without...
  18. US6x4

    Would you attempt to flee wildfires in your 5 ton?

    I've been trying to game this out in my mind since this year's fire season began and I'm not sure if I would. Historically wild fires have come to within 1/2 mile from my house. Since my wife and I can only drive 2 rigs total, I was going over which vehicles to pack up and take, which vehicles...
  19. US6x4

    Speedo correction for larger tires?

    I haven't read of anyone doing this yet, but has anyone changed speedo cable gears to compensate for larger diameter tires? I did this on my highboy and the math is just a simple cross multiply & divide. For example a 11.00-20 going to 16.00-20: #original teeth/42" = #new teeth/53" So if...
  20. US6x4

    New pyrometer & boost gauge pod install

    In preparation for a turbo install I added a pyrometer and a manifold pressure gauge to my truck in a gauge pod I designed to fit center dash between the defroster outlets. I wanted my gauges to be within easy viewing and I also wanted the add-on to look pretty stock. Below are the step by...
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