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    Buying HMMWV from law enforcement agency

    I spoke to another person in the surplus area. LEA can buy under different terms. Some can be purchased that will always have to be returned. Some can be purchased with a 18 month hold and then the agency can do as they please. They can also apply for a permit to cannibalize a vehicle. Once...
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    Buying HMMWV from law enforcement agency

    I called the Defense Logistics Agency. Yes the vehicle has to go back. The question I couldn't get answered is: What condition can it go back in? The vehicle is inop. Could they return a bare frame? Let's imagine a scenario. Assume a law enforcement agency buys 10 M998. Over the course of use 1...
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    Buying HMMWV from law enforcement agency

    A law enforcement agency that I am familiar with has a Humvee with a bad engine. It has been parked for several years. I inquired and was told that the vehicle would have to go back to the government or would have to go to the scrap yard they weren't exactly sure. Is anyone familiar with the...
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