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  1. Barrman

    Nostalgic Air Brackets and Turbo

    Factory is more in the middle and up high. Attached is a picture of my serpentine belt Sanden compressor mounted where the CUCV alternator would be with the Banks turbo visible below it and away from the engine some. I had a belt driven vacuum pump there for a while with no clearance issues...
  2. Barrman

    Nostalgic Air Brackets and Turbo

    I have the Nostalgia Air compressor mount on one of my trucks. I have a few GM turbo set ups to look at as well. I don’t see the trouble with putting the Nostalgia air compressor on a truck with a GM turbo. After all, GM put a Sanden type compressor on the turbo side of the engine after 1998 or...
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