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  1. Sharecropper

    Nostalgic Air Brackets and Turbo

    Skinny a Level II 700R4 K-case from Bowtie will handle 450 HP and 450 FPT. That's what is behind my P400. I love the 700R4's lower first gear and higher top gear, and that is why I chose a 700R4 for my drivetrain build. And no electronics to fry, just that elusive TV cable bracket. And no...
  2. Sharecropper

    Nostalgic Air Brackets and Turbo

    Its ironic you posted after my post of last October, as I am about to pull my crankshaft pulley off and replace it with the crank pulley for the Bullet Supercharger. I plan to send my AC compressor back to Sanden and have them replace its v-belt pulley with a 6-rib pulley so it can be powered...
  3. Sharecropper

    Nostalgic Air Brackets and Turbo

    First of all, Nostalgic purchases the brackets for the A/C compressor from a small mom & pop machine shop in Ft. Worth Texas. I explained all this in post #301 in my rebuild thread . The other...
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