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    Steel Soldiers 2nd Annual Haspin Acres Rally T-shirts

    Hey guys let me know when the shirts are ready, im in for buying one, eventually i hope to get together with some of our OD crew but right now life has be pinned down for a bit LOL.....
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    Biodiesel in the beginning

    hi guys im doing some catching up.... forgive me once again for being absent here and in mind LOL
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    Diesel Chicken

    Price shot up here, regular gas 20 cents in one day, diesel 15 cents in one day. Right now 2.48 cheapest, im sure tomorrow moring it will be with the rest of the stations at 2.69 Here we go.
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    wood-gas generator

    thought i would check out this section, it interested me greatly. oh after several attempts im back, had trouble with my password and once again my plate got to full, hope you guys can forgive me... With all the wind we have had lately, i could have used a big windmill on our top ridge to power...
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    tire balancers

    Hey guys i found something very interesting i think some of you if not all might be interested in, you know how we have a problem with wheel balancing even on regular trucks well i found a site that has a product that several members of my TDR family have found and well im going to be getting...
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    Virginia to Florida and back 2006

    hello men, sorry i have been awol once again, things come up and well time gets away from ya, thought i would drop in and see if bjorn made it to Fla. Bjorn good pictures, we have at this time of typing sunday evening at 915pm 10 inches on the ground and the weather channel is showing another...
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    I GOT MY NEW ENGINE(Pic's added)

    glad to see you have the new to you engine jed, good luck on getting it back in and running...
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    truck in San Antonio, help needed

    Hey DR i like the pic of the old ford dump, don't see many of those around much, more so here if anywhere, there are a few still working day in and day out.
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    Sale List from RAM

    ah boy!!! had not been for another issue i had to clear up for my father, i would have one of the M1010's... Man what a collection, those are sweet!!!
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    MVs headed to scrap, anyone need any parts?

    why are all the good places so darn far away.. Its a shame, but as the old saying goes, one mans tash is another mans treasure.. guess that holds true.. what a shame, some pple, i agree should be at least hanged by their toenails.
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    Block Heaters.

    i feel for you guys, its a mess down here, can only imagine once it refreezes tonight, hopefully if all goes well i should be in the chat room some tonight, gotta catch up.
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    Block Heaters.

    H0w are things in your neck of the woods Mangus, we have almost 2 inches of sleet/snow/freezing rain here...
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    Block Heaters.

    well i asked the same question as my cousin has a powerstroke with the 7.3 and his went out, for some reason if you constantly keep the block heater plugged up it has a tendency to cause glow plug failure the diesel mechanic said they were not sure why but they replace way to many, it has...
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    kcgonzo on ebay

    I agree with Lacoda i also was interested in a item he had for sale, i could not get any shipping quote and i also had a question about the item and i never got a response and that was over a period of 2 weeks, i personally don't do business with anyone that won't or can't give me a shipping...
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    Block Heaters.

    hey guys im back, well i have first hand knowledge of the block heaters, both my dodge rams with cummins engines have them, i know on these you can start the truck with it still plugged up and current going to it with no problems, one thing you can do and its a pretty sure fire way to not forget...
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    Today's clueless ebay seller award...

    He is just plain jane full of S*** with that price
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    Hello from Afghanistan

    Welcome to the boards and wish you a safe trip back home along with all others as well.
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    potential problems with e-loan?

    you guys are going to laugh at what my Vin came back as... a AM General Pick up truck... yeah mine says truck with a GVW of 4000lbs LOL.... so my guess is your vin is going to come back as something other than a 2 1/2 ton truck...
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    Trip to Howards

    I can concur on that, when i was out in June, Howard had suffered a severe stroke and was bed ridden at that time and his son Buddy is the one you need to talk with, Buddy said he was still finding and wondering upon stuff that his dad has that he didn't even know was there until recently...
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    Trip to Howards

    if im not mistaken DR snagged the last hard top he had earlier in the year... And when i was there, there were plenty of side glasses and mechanisms for driver and passenger side, im not familiar with the years but the one i took the drivers side door glass out of had a huge star on the hood...
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