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    Mack? at Saturn Surplus

    I was on my way up to Line Mountain race track, and as usual my route takes me through Millersburg. My list is long, but my cash is short, so I decided on some 383 green paint because shipping that stuff is always a deal breaker. Well Saturn dosent sell paint no more...... now I know. But...

    Unidentified carcass

    I saw this remnant of a truck a couple months ago, and finally remembered the camera. Its huge! Dirt71's truck has 1400-24 tires. This thing has 1800-29 tires. Looks to be the back half only. The Garwood winch is just sitting there.

    found on road dead

    I found this along the road on my way home from Shamokin (Dave's place). Do you think the utility body is period correct?

    Time for new tires

    Its time for new tires on the M1008. It currently has the stock tires and wheels the truck came with from GL , Cooper 235/85R16 load range E. They looked good when I got the truck ,but they wore out fast on the front. I would like to go a little wider, not taller, since taller tires rob...

    "Got my Tow Bar Working......"

    "Got my tow bar working.....But it just dont work on you" (Sing like Muddy Waters.) Actually it will work on all of you now. I was up at Sephirothq's place a couple weeks ago to drop off a wrecker spade and look at his large fleet of trucks. (Good guy and lots of good trucks[thumbzup]). He...

    Battle of the Bulge Reenactment Jan25-30

    The battle of the Bulge reenactment at Ft Indiantown Gap is Jan 25th - 30th. World War II Federation Battle of the Bulge Is anybody going? I plow the driveway of a WWII Vet that was in it. I asked him to go a couple times and he says.."I was there, Why in the He11 would I want to go see it...

    lifting sling bar

    Here are some pics and some prints that i drew up of the lifting sling bar (sling leg). If you have more info or pictures on these please add it to this thread.

    junk yard find

    I was on my way home from the Maple Grove swap meet with a pocket full of money on Saturday. Sold a bunch of truck parts. We were gonna go by a junk yard that I have been in many times and we decided to stop in. They never have military stuff, just civi. Whell....never say never.

    testing 1 2

    trying to post a pic
  10. OLDCHEV4X4

    Dually M880?

    Was there ever a M880 Dually? If so, please post some pictures.
  11. OLDCHEV4X4

    Whats wrong with this u joint?

    I was changing the rear diff oil in the 1008, and I noticed this..... (In the rear drive shaft).
  12. OLDCHEV4X4

    OLDCHEV4X4 gets a M1008

    Finally after years of looking and bidding and surfing and driving all over the tristate area to look at trucks ....i won a M1008 from GL.[thumbzup] Its a 1984 M1008 with 89k on the clock. Looked like it was running from the Bordentown NJ pics. It had mud flung all over it in the GL pictures ...
  13. OLDCHEV4X4

    M101A1 spindle nut info

    FYI The spindle nut size on my 1968 M101A1 3/4 ton trailer is 2 9/16. I bought a OTC 2 9/16 8 POINT spindle nut socket from NAPA for $25.12 OTC part number 1905. It is 3/4 drive. Made in good ol USA. A 6 point 2 9/16 socket will not work. Don't ask me how i know this:oops:.
  14. OLDCHEV4X4

    Stopped at Colemans last Thursday6-11

    I was headed up to the Line Mountain Race track last week for some off road racin, and since i go right thru Millersburg, i had to stop at colemans for some shopping. The girls shop at the mall....I shop at the junkyard. I was looking for another tool box for my M116 generator trailer and some...
  15. OLDCHEV4X4

    Parade trucks needed in S.E. PA

    I was asked by the program director if i know of anybody that has a army truck. Hmmmm.... I think i can help ya. Downingtown PA 19335, is 150 years old this year and they are having a parade on Saturday May 16 at 1030. I will be bringing my 1969 Blazer since i dont have a MV.....yet. PM me and i...
  16. OLDCHEV4X4

    Is this a Genset fuel tank?

    Can anyone confirm if this tank fits a MEP-002a genset. It sure looks like it. Is there somewhere on the easternet to look up the PN 30554-72-5077?
  17. OLDCHEV4X4

    Thanks to Lance Robson

    I wanted to publicly say thanks to Lance Robson for his help with my MEP-002A genset. He picked it up in Ft. Drum and brought it to his house in a ice storm. Lance then called me and said "Don't send me any money till i check it out and get it running." At that point he's my intrest free bank...
  18. OLDCHEV4X4

    M101a1 gvwr / sf-97

    Does the M101A1 and the M101A2 have the same empty weight and highway GVWR? I cant find the TM for the M101A1, only the A2. A2: Empty:1340 Loaded highway: 3590 (2250 payload) Loaded offroad: 2840 (1500 payload) What does everybody put on there SF-97? Highway or offroad weight? I think the...
  19. OLDCHEV4X4

    Going to Bordentown NJ on 2-4-09

    I'm going to Bordentown NJ next Wednesday 2-4-09. Does anybody need anything looked at? I am bringing home a M101A1 on a car trailer. Randy
  20. OLDCHEV4X4

    A very old junkyard

    I had to do a transmission install at a friends house this past weekend, and as i was going there it dawned on me that my route was going to take me past a very old junk yard. This junkyard is very old. Started in 1955. And they never scraped in all these years. There are fields and fields of...
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