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  1. militarysteel

    m35a2 fuel mileage

    8 year old fuel oil, getting 13 mpg's interesting.
  2. militarysteel

    Pinion Brakes

    didn't the H1 just have pinion breaking? i could be wrong...
  3. militarysteel

    Stock M35A2 being run on the chassis dyno at SECO

    i'd like to see how much you get from disconnecting the rear axle,
  4. militarysteel

    Best Rear Spring Option for Bobbed Deuce

    it's worth it though, looks bad ass!
  5. militarysteel

    Best Rear Spring Option for Bobbed Deuce

    we always use front springs 2-1/2, we grind the rivets flat and they pop out with air hammer, the part i hate the most is drilling all those new holes in the frame! so far 2 m35a2's and 2 m35a3's,
  6. militarysteel

    Hardcore Pawn bobbed 5 ton

    hey there sandc... , no, no offense, i look at the source, only people with no money complain about the price of a truck, A MV' or anything else for that matter is only worth what someone will pay for it. if nobody wants to give the man 10k for it, then i guess he'll sit on it, then won't...
  7. militarysteel

    Hardcore Pawn bobbed 5 ton

    That truck was a depot rebuild from Virginia , him and my brother drove that back to michigan. i know he has more the 10K into the truck! the tires and rims came from Rodney from Wisconsin, the springs came from doc farmall, paint came from ranch hopper in chicago, the bed also came from ranch...
  8. militarysteel

    Price check on 16.00x20

    rodney will hook you up for 150-175 a piece i think, they were 75 a piece but , the supply is drying up, military is destroying them now. pm for info
  9. militarysteel

    MPG difference 9.00x20 vs 11.00x20

    some Filipino lady friends, :-) Ohhh YEah!1
  10. militarysteel

    5-ton air tanks on M35A2

    lol, i go to the ACE in milan all the time, they seem to have good stock. they have good drill bits too, when you are drilling all those holes in the frame to shorten one. :) thick a** military steel!
  11. militarysteel

    MPG difference 9.00x20 vs 11.00x20

    i think my truck get's much better HP, and MPG when i have atleast 20% Engine oil added to fuel, i am still wondering if removing FAN, replacing with electric has gains, I'd also say go through all your wheel bearings make sure they are packed and snug, add lucas to the all the axles, Add lucas...
  12. militarysteel

    What are parts worth?

    that sounds like a good deal!
  13. militarysteel

    Oliver 2150 with multifuel

    very cool, good eye!
  14. militarysteel

    Junk Air-Packs

    also does the Air-o-matic steering get oil? or any service?
  15. militarysteel

    Junk Air-Packs

    are the newer style airpacks better, the longer kind? mine is the original shorter kind, can't fine a good used one. looks like i am going rebuild one, because R&R is not working out for me.
  16. militarysteel

    EMP Ready M1009 question

    a emp is only going to take out something with a microchip, modern cars, communication, computers, sensitive equipment, is all, anything in your truck would be safe, other then maybe the gages, but even those i am pretty sure are analogue, however a TOYOTA prius, would be dead on the side of...
  17. militarysteel

    Junk Air-Packs

    how about some WD-40 ? squirting into the inlet like you said? how often does some lube fix a stuck air pack? should you always rebuild once it locks, just as a precaution even if lube fixed it?
  18. militarysteel

    Deuce Fan Clutch

    i am going to take my fan off, i just shortened my m35a2, i'll let you know if its faster with the fan gone, ill take it on the eway and cruise 10 or 20 miles, see if there isn't any power gain, or MPG gain, i have this hunch i will not notice, but its a big enough difference, i will keep it...
  19. militarysteel

    Clepto's Bobber

    i just finished mine saturday, i got some XLM's today, now all i need is to order 5 tubes, i am cheap and using stock rims :)
  20. militarysteel

    started to replace seals on the deuce

    sorry about all that buddy, i feel bad for ya.
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