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  1. 86humv

    Tocnet Intercom

    Got a Tocnet Intercom system up and running. Only thing compatible with Vic-3 are headsets.
  2. 86humv

    Moving M1078

    not needed
  3. 86humv

    Hmmwv Rhino IED size

  4. 86humv

    Late turret fit check

    The late style M1151 turret can fit in multiple mount systems. These pics show it on a M900 series bolt on. It is also a direct bolt on in all early M102x, 104x series tops. Also fits the M11xx series aluminum roofs with roof adapter in last photo. Some available
  5. 86humv

    Post removal ?

    Earlier I was looking at a post in the Wanted section about 1" towbar feet.....Its gone ? What happened.....someone didn't like something on there ?
  6. 86humv

    PCB, EESS, SmartStart S3 i pics/info.

    Here's some photo's... First is an old LAU.....not used anymore. PN 12379864 # 2..KDS green label...CR-2699.....burnt and corroded. This old type can use any temp sensor. . . This one...KDS yellow label 12469158-1 Can use KDS or Nartron temp sensor 12469158-2
  7. 86humv

    Front Half doors

    Making some front Half doors to somewhat match original rears.
  8. 86humv

    Temp gauge comparison

    Temp gauge test Did some testing today..... Tested 6 gages of each brand : Faria, and Clark. ** most used, some new.} Also used a used and New Faria sending unit. From 160 to 200 Clarks read approx. 20 deg. lower, and at 220 and above, about 5 to 15 deg. lower .than Faria.
  9. 86humv

    Blue Force system rework

    I have a demilled BFT screen that I took apart and added a police 12.1" lcd monitor to. I'm going to do another soon, and will sell one. In F/S section
  10. 86humv

    SoCal to Ohio and back

    Have 20" trailer, and might have room for someones items. So. cal to ohio and back......will be going through AZ., NM, TX, OK, MS, IL, IN, and part of Ohio. 7/6 to 7/17
  11. 86humv

    Diff.. part ?

    Does anybody know what this fits ? Can't find a part number.
  12. 86humv

    Road trip Texas / So. Cal

    going to Texas from So. cal. and back with a 20' trailer mid Jan....might have room for stuff.
  13. 86humv

    TM needed AM-7148/GRC-206

    Anybody have or know where to get an Ops manual for the AM-7148/GRC-206 Amp ?
  14. 86humv

    Vic 3 cables

    Are these the correct cables, and where can I get some ? CX-13468/VRC or A3206017 CX-13470/VRC or A3206018 Greg
  15. 86humv

    2 kw 24vdc Gen.

    I am in need of info on where to get a voltage reg. for the 2kw single cyl. diesel gen MEP-501A. Greg
  16. 86humv

    2kw diesel gen. parts MEP-501A

    Wanted : parts for the Mercon 2kw diesel gen., 28 vdc. Mep-501A I need a regulator. Its in TM-9-6115-673-13&P
  17. 86humv

    Got me a M1102

    I picked up a M-1102 Humvee trailer...need a front wall assy. Greg
  18. 86humv

    M101A2 and A3 data plate

    Wanted...M101-A2, and A3 data plates . Anyone have any, or know a seller ?
  19. 86humv

    6.5 diesel Engine harness

    I have some A2 Humvee Eng. wiring harnesses available. # 12446828 They are used, but nice.
  20. 86humv

    M101-A1 FOR SALE

    For Sale M101-A1 trailer 3/4 ton. $ 875 Located in So. Cal.
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