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  1. 85-m1028

    what is the name of this color?

    the stripe on the tailgate, where can I get it?
  2. 85-m1028

    rear pintle question

    Is the rear mounting/ support bracket for the rear pintle the same size between the pickup and blazer models??
  3. 85-m1028

    Anyone need A/C?

    keep in mind summer is comming up and with global warming there will be plenty of melting faces and sweaty butt cracks going around!! Needs a few things but it's a start! chevy C/K add on A/C unit - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board
  4. 85-m1028

    Omnirobotics mast

    Actualy it's Omnitech Robotics I have this antenna mast and wondered what it would be used for? is it something worth hanging on to or ? what would something like this be worth? the top platform is marked "vid ant" second down is marked "telem ant" lower antenna marked "SAF RAD" made by...
  5. 85-m1028

    need adapter

    I need to find a 4l80E to nvg242 adapter, any suggestions??
  6. 85-m1028

    centermount turbo ?? need some insight

    I have a complete drivetrain from a 97 HMMWV actualy civy H-1, I was wondering about the clearances between the exhaust turbo downpipe and the firewall. I know that it's been done on a m1028 and my project should be similar "75 gmc jimmy" heres the pics of the m1028...
  7. 85-m1028

    24v to 12v dilema

    I have a 98 military hmmwv turbo 6.5 diesel drive train I want to put in a blazer project. I have everything radiator to t-case "including all the wiring and computer box" this engine and components run with 24v and everything on the blazer is 12v do I just need to hook it up 24v and then...
  8. 85-m1028

    what do you do with left overs?

    I recently purchased an 83 suburban parts truck with an ATS turbo, gage cluster, tilt steering column, power windows and gearvendors overdrive that I will be swapping over to my m1028. The front clip, radiator, hydroboost, and posibly 3/4 ton front 10bolt axle over to my 75 jimmy. Basicaly I...
  9. 85-m1028

    CUCV wheeling pics

    went wheeling a couple months back with some some of them fancy new JEEPS, here's a link to the photo album... post em if ya got em!!!!
  10. 85-m1028

    HMMWV exhaust set up for a CUCV

    I got some HMMWV manifolds and am on the lookout for a HMMWV exhaust crossover pipe. Does anyone know if this will clear the front driveshaft on the CUCV? "maybe with a little lift?"
  11. 85-m1028

    Low cost solution to that HMMWV intake manifold

    Throw together some ABS parts, a 4" high flow air filter and you got a custom intake!!
  12. 85-m1028

    check these out!! I wonder how well these would take an IED?
  13. 85-m1028

    jerry can mounting

    If you were gonna mount jerry cans in a m1028 where would you put it? and how do you mount it so it stays?
  14. 85-m1028

    P.S. pump alignment??

    I was sizing up my york compressor for mounting today and thought I'd better take care of the power steering pump alignment issue. When I swapped everything over to the hmmwv take out engine, somehow I missed something and my PS pump pulley doesn't line up right?? any thoughts
  15. 85-m1028

    nice cutv's on gov liquidation

    I was browsing today and saw a couple m1009 and a m1008 that looked to be in pretty good shape at french camp ca.!!!!!!
  16. 85-m1028

    leaf spring bushings

    I need to get a new set of urethane bushings for my m1028. I noticed that they come in two diameters, not sure which size to get!! does anyone know of top the top of their heads <- or however that saying goes!! :lol:
  17. 85-m1028

    Get a Grip!

    I had this problem with my foot slipping on the bottom of the door seal trying to climb into the cab of my truck "usualy when my shoes are wet" so I found this nifty roll of gripp tape at pep boys for 6.99. I put it in the door sill and on the door where I grab it to shut it because I get dirty...
  18. 85-m1028

    Memorial day Wheelin??

    anyone goin wheeling this weekend ?? if so were? I'm planning to go sunday or monday but not quite sure where, post up your favorite spot and some pics if you got em. The Memorial day Weekend Thread!! yaaa!! 8) :D
  19. 85-m1028

    fuel line for the lift pump

    there is a fuel line that goes from the frame hard line to the input of the lift pump, this hose seems to be formed in its shape because I tried to replace it with regular fuel line and it just kinked?? has anyone dealt with this??? I'm sure someone has, I guess the cucv hard line routes...
  20. 85-m1028

    glow plug civy conversion feedback!

    well I've put about 15,000 miles on my odometer since my civy conversion and am pleased to write that everything works great!! my truck is my daily driver so it does get used. I have noticed the temp switch is defeating the relay after the engine gets warmed up "the days are getting quite a bit...
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